Monday, January 6, 2014

Dec 24...almost christmas!

It's almost Christmas!
So this past week has been hard as far as lessons go just because everyone is out of town for Christmas. But it has been a pretty great week full of different miracles.
To start off with some amazing things that happened this week, I got to finally use the wonderful technology Heavenly Father has given me. I got to Skype with Corbin, a good friend from college who has a friend that is not a member. The lesson was amazing being that it was over Skype. And I didn't think I was going to be able to see my friend while on my mission!
On Thursday we had a really good zone conference with Elder Arnold from the 70. We talked a lot about working with members and how important this work is. We broke down Jacob 5 and 3 Nephi 11. It was really interesting to put those two chapters into a whole new perspective.
After zone conference we decided to go to Provo to get a new phone since we still could not find ours anywhere. We had to wait in the mission office for 30 minutes for the elder over the phones to get there. He gave us a new phone but we had to wait until the next day to get it registered. So we got home and found a post it on our door from the Sister who used to be in this area before me because she came by to pick up her shoes she forgot. The note said to look on the couch, so we opened the door looked on the couch and found our phone sitting there. I guess she found our phone in the snow because it had been warm enough that day that the snow started melting. And not only finding it was a miracle in its self but it still worked!
On Friday it was December 20th! This means that I made it 9 months! I seriously don't believe it every time I say it, because I feel like I have been out for just a few months. As I look back on the past 9 months I don't look back with any regrets, even the mistakes and trials I have made and had I don't regret but I am grateful that I have been able to grow from them. I have grown so much as missionary and not only that but as a person. I am so much closer to my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and I know that I need to depend on them no matter if I am having a good day or a bad day. I have grown a huge love for the Book of Mormon, I know that as we read daily we can gain a stronger relationship with our savior. I have also learned very well how to adjust quickly to new and different situations. All you have to do is turn to Heavenly Father for the strength.
Saturday was an early Christmas for us and so much fun. We got to start off our morning with a Christmas party with a ward. It was so fun but I think that Candy Mountain ward wins for the coolest Christmas parties. It was snowing a lot this day and since we didn't have set appointments we decided to do service. We shoveled drive ways in our neighborhood. And then after dinner we were invited to our neighbors family party. It was so much fun and at the end we got to share a message with the family about the true meaning of Christmas. One of my favorite mormon messages right now is "Kids and Christmas". It is so cute and really helps us understand the true meaning. The family also surprised us with a gift. I can not tell you how blessed and loved I feel this Christmas even though I am away from home. I know that it is not because of the spirit of Christmas but the spirit of Christ.
Our PDAY got postponed because of our Christmas celebration. It was so much fun! We watched a slide show of pictures and then we had a guest that came and he was a world wide piano performer. He was incredible!! We then had a talent show. I was so happy to be able to pull out my pointe shoes and show off some twirls and leaps. The other talents were amazing too! Who knew missionaries could have so many unique gifts. We then got to watch the movie "UP" I totally forgot how cute that movie is. We then got to get presents. It was a really wonderful surprise and I got presents from people I don't even know. I think it is incredible how well we get treated here. I feel so blessed. I am looking forward to my Skype date with my wonderful family tomorrow and I wish you all a very merry Christmas!

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