Monday, November 25, 2013

Nov 25...Thankful

Well this week marks 8 months in the mission and as I think about it I thought to myself another 2 years would be awesome. I love my mission so much and I don't want to leave. And 2 years will seem like nothing if it continues to go this fast! But then I thought about my family and mom I would never do that to you, and I wouldn't want to do it to myself either because after about 2 1/2 years I think I would probably die of home sickness. So I will stick with 10 more months. So I am so excited for Thanksgiving this week, not just because we have 4 dinner appointments and we get to play football with another zone but because I get to be extra grateful for what I have, and even though this past week was really hard I am grateful that I have trials that help me grow and improve. And even though almost all weeks are filled with some sort of trial or another this one seemed to just really beat me up. I have learned a lot this week that is truly going to affect the rest of my life. Me and my companion got really frustrated with the mission leaders because they do everything so last minute like tell us important things and for some reason while I have been on my mission I have become a planner. Maybe my mom is coming out in me a little:) But we got a wake up call when we found out how crazy and horrible their week has been and it made me feel bad for ever being mad at them. I know they truly are trying.
The other struggle I had this week is how badly I want one of our investigators to get baptized and how badly she wants to but it just can't happen. At least not right now. She is a foreign exchange student and so in order for her to get baptized she has to have parent consent and they don't want to give it to her. But I love the technology we were blessed with in this mission because we are going to try and teach them on Facebook and show them why their daughter wants to get baptized so badly.
Also as I was struggling this week I had my prayers answered. I got two letters this week that made my week. I am so grateful for wonderful friends who know when and what to write me even if they are thousands of miles away. One gave me a rule a few weeks ago, he said, "Don't ever get discouraged because it is against the rules!" and this week in his letter he followed up like a good missionary should and was seeing if I was keeping the commitment. I am so glad he did because it was a good reminder.
So I thought since I am encouraging all of the people I teach to express their gratitude this week I should do the same so here is a list of 10 thinks I am very grateful for:
1. A wonderful mom and dad who brought me up in the gospel and raised me to be who I am today.
2. A great example as a sister who gets to share the mission experience with me.
3. To be serving here in Utah as a missionary for the Lord. And have wonderful members to feed me and help me with this great work.
4. To have moved 9 times growing up because now I am better at adjusting to change quickly and I am a lot more outgoing because of it.
5. Being a ballerina because it has helped keep my body in good shape and stay healthy.
6. My camera that is going to help me with my dream career of becoming a photographer and help me capture many wonderful memories to look back on.
7. 4 amazing siblings who are my best friends and are there for me when ever I need them for what ever I need and they love me no matter what!
8. Wonderful church leaders that have helped me in every step of the way of becoming the missionary I am today. Whether it is primary teachers, young women's leaders, seminary teachers, all the wonderful bishops I have had and the mission leaders I have today!
9. Great tools my Heavenly Father has given me to help me return to him. For example the Book of Mormon, the Bible, mormon messages, church magazines, and others.
10. The knowledge that I am a daughter of Heavenly Father who knows me personally and sent his Son Jesus Christ to the earth to atone for my sins and feel all the sadness and trials I have gone through and to know that if I ever stand in need of anything I just have to pray to Him with a sincere heart and with real intent.
I guess I could say I am one blessed and lucky girl! I am truly blessed in so many ways and I know that serving my mission is only helping me more.
I hope you all have a wonderful day and I hope you feel blessed because Heavenly Father loves all his children and wants to bless us but we must give thanks.(D&C 78:19)
Love, Sister Harrison!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Nov many meetings.

This week has been so crazy full of meetings. We had a 6 hour Zone Conference, an hour and a half District Training Meeting, 3, hour long coordination meetings, 4 hours of church and I think that's it. But hey it kept us busy and as a missionary that is the dream! But on top of all the meetings we had wonderful lessons. We started teaching a foreign exchange student from Germany who really loves how this gospel is centered around families. She has changed her school schedule so that she can take seminary and she loves going to church. We are going to try and get the missionaries over to her parents so that they can learn more about what their daughter is so interested in. I think it is going to be good.
We also still are teaching O*** which is the guy in his 80's and he loves the gospel. He actually was not feeling good one of the times we went this week and he was sleepy during the lesson. But then we started testifying to him and he was super awake. I am really excited to see him enter into the waters of baptism.
Zone Conference was so great! We learned so much from President McCune and I am super duper excited to start applying this to my missionary work and see how much it affects our area. I am trying really hard this transfer to help this area grow so that next transfer it can be split because covering 3 stakes is hard. I guess I shouldn't complain because at least it keeps us busy and we are getting taken care of really well.
I am loving the motivation my companion has and how well we work together. I can see the difference it makes in lessons and other things.
We had the opportunity to give a talk on Sunday about baptism and the crazy part is, we only had a little while to prepare. Bishop called us Saturday afternoon and asked us if we could speak the next day. We had a super crazy Saturday because we did a 2 hour service project cleaning someone's house who hadn't dusted in about 7 years. And then we were running crazy the rest of the day. So we spent our night that we are usually getting ready for bed and writing in our journals, writing our talks for the ward that started at 9:00. We got it accomplished and we did a great job. I am so surprised how easy talking is becoming.
Anyways I am out of time sadly but I am excited for this upcoming week. Love you all!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Nov say the cutest things

Well beside being freezing all week there really is no other signs of winter. No snow except high in the mountains. But it was an incredible week. I have a feeling that this transfer is going to be one of my best because me and my companion are ready to try our hardest to do the Lords work. We truly never give up. ITS SO FUN!
So I thought I would start off by telling you some little tender mercies. The past month I had some kids just say the cutest things.
1."Mom, I don't remember when Jesus put me on the earth"
2. I asked a little girl where she got her big brown eyes. " Heavenly Father gave them to me."
3. I was talking to a little boy about his last missionaries who were Elders and I asked if I was cooler than them. His response, "well they are cooler but you are the prettiest!"
These three things just run through my head any time I start to struggle or doubt. I am so grateful for the innocence of little kids.
It was an incredible week and every time we walked out of lessons my companion and I would just look at each other and talk about what an amazing lesson it was. I have realized the only lessons that are "amazing" is the ones where the spirit is testifying and teaching not us. We are just the instruments in God's hands.
We had a really cool experience with the Holy Ghost this week. We were a little early to an appointment and on our way there we saw this older couple out doing yard work and they looked so tired and ready to give up. Me and Sis. Funaki decided since we had a few minutes until our lesson we should go help them. They were the sweetest couple and so thankful for our help. I am glad we listened to that prompting that we got.
We had a wonderful Zone Training Meeting this week and talked a lot about why we are living the Gospel and the way that it helps us go. I am grateful Heavenly Father has given us this wonderful plan to help us while we are here on Earth out of His presence.
I am looking forward to the Holiday's (Thanksgiving and Christmas) and I am excited to see how we can help our investigators really feel the Love of their Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.
For dinner yesterday we ate at someone's house and she told me she grew up in Blackfoot. So small world moment she know Melissa Malm! Wow! Her name is Brandi Sorenson(Barnett) Craziness! I love serving in Utah!
I love you all Thanks for all the wonderful prayers and support.
                                           Sister Funaki and Sister Harrison and sunset!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Nov 4...November already!

I seriously could not believe how fast October went by. If felt like just yesterday I was freaking out because it was already October 1 and now its November 4!
This week was totally amazing and busy and crazy and so many things. But to make more sense I will explain it.
On Monday I received a wonderful package from my mom! She got me some super cute boots that are perfect and I have worn them almost every day since. Which is basically needed now because it has officially snowed in Utah! But it hasn't started sticking yet which is okay.
Tuesday felt like I was running like a chicken with its head cut off. We had to run some sister's to the doctors in the morning (the joy of being some of the only missionaries in the zone with a car) And then we got to teach a lesson together before we had to find a split because I had to go to a training the trainer meeting and Sis. Farthing stayed in the area to teach some more lessons. The meeting ran long and I didn't get back to Orem until about 5:30. And I felt super bad because our dinner appointment was ready for us at 5. And then our 6:00 appointment cancelled which made it so we didn't have to shove food down our throats. Then we finished the night with finishing up some final packing for Sis. Farthing.
Wednesday we got to start early because I had to be at transfers at 8:30 to find out what MTC missionary was going to be my new companion. I was able to see Sis. Neaf and Sis. Volmer but sadly neither one of them are my trainee. I did how ever get an awesome companion. Her name is Sis. Funaki, she is from Las Vegas and is full of energy to do missionary work! I think it is going to be a wonderful transfer. We got a new district leader and  Zone leaders and after transfers we got straight to work. We had a service project that afternoon helping a family move. Then dinner then a ward Halloween party and then a Correlation meeting.
Thursday we finished up our service project and then went to District Training meeting. We talked a lot about why we have commandments and the blessing that come from keeping them. That night we got to have a district Halloween Party since they didn't want us out getting in trouble. We got to play lots of sports, had pizza and then we got to watch Ephriam's rescue. What a great movie that just makes me so grateful to be born in a time with transportation and real medicine.
Friday we tried to do a lot of contacting and only had minor success which is just a part of missionary life.
Saturday we went to go see one of our less-actives and she said that she was super busy and that she was rushing to get a bunch of stuff done. We asked if we could help so she put us to work in the yard. So we got to do some yard work in our skirts because we were not planning on it. But it worked out just fine! and then something awesome happened. The last part of the family I have been working with this whole time in Orem got baptized. He was taught by the Spanish elders because he only speaks Spanish. But watching the happiness on everyone's face to see the last member in their family to get baptized was amazing. Also on Saturday my companion was very eager to get a lot of appointments so we took our list of everyone we have taught and tried knocking on all of their doors. It actually turned out better than I thought it was going to.
Sunday it was meeting after meeting for us. We had 3 Church meetings and 3 Sacrament meetings we had to attend. And then to top all that off we had quite a few lessons planned for the night. So we were out of the house from about 7:30 am to 9:20 pm. It was a long day and I was ready to hit the sheets.
This morning we got to clean the house and try to get rid of all the things past missionaries have left behind. Now our apartment looks totally AWESOME!!
But as busy as a week as it was it was also probably one of the best weeks I have had! The lessons were great and you could definitely see the spirit working on people's hearts. I love this work and I love this gospel!
Love, Sis. Kaylynn Harrison