Monday, January 13, 2014


So I don't really know how to explain this week in very many words. I am hoping this next week will be more worth talking about. On Monday I went and met with the kidney specialist and he told me that the best thing would be to get me in for surgery to get the kidney stone out of there. This seriously terrified me and I honestly felt alone. Tuesday was a good day to start because we actually got to teach a lesson. This investigator has been gone out of town for about three or four weeks now, so we were able to finally meet with her again and schedule her baptism for next Saturday. Tuesday night the pain in my kidney started coming back and so I called the elders to get a blessing. They told me that before they gave me a blessing they wanted me to try something, they told me to drink two water bottles before they would leave, so I did and I ended up drinking them maybe a little to quickly or my body didn't know what to do with that much water in my body. So the pain worsened and got so bad I ended up in the ER. I have never felt more like death in my life. The ER wait felt like forever being in that much pain, luckily I got a familiar face for my nurse. It was the same nurse I had the Friday before. She was not happy to see me back but was quick to get me in and hooked up on an IV with really good pain medicine. President and Sister McCune joined us down in Payson for a little while, it was really good to have them there since they are the closest thing I have to parents in the mission. We got home really late from the ER and on Wednesday I slept literally all day almost! I have never slept so much in my life but my body is just so worn out and ready to be healthy again. We also got to talk to all the ward mission leaders and get them excited about the work.Thursday was the big day. I got to go in for surgery. I was so nervous all day. We started early by going and getting a CT scan to find out if the stone was still there, and then went to a doctors appointment. We had some time between the doctors appointment and the surgery so we were able to make it to DTM/President interviews. I always love talking to President McCune to just see how he thinks I am doing, to see if there is places I could work harder, which I always have something I could do better at. Then it was time. We headed into Provo which took longer than expected because the roads were crazy. The whole surgery part went by so quickly, at least it felt really fast to me. When I woke up I would tell the nurse about every 30 seconds that I needed to go pee. Then I was told that as soon as I do use the bathroom and I take my pain meds and keep them down I could go. Now I was on a mission because I wanted to leave so bad. I finally was released and we headed to the mission home to spend the night. The great thing about the surgery was that I was able to see my Aunt Rhonda. She was able to be there with me since she lives so close. Friday morning Sister McCune made us German pancakes and had lots of fresh fruit. This was the first meal I was able to eat in about a week. We then got ready and headed to Zone Training Meeting. I was pretty out of it due to the post-surgery pain meds. But I was still able to learn some pretty good stuff that I am excited to apply to my work. The rest of Friday and Saturday I slept. My companion was able to find some splits so that she could still teach and I got to hang out with my land lady who just got shoulder surgery this week. Sunday I tried to get back some what to normal. We went to our 7:00 mtg, sacrament, and then I was able to go to Salem for the home coming of Nathan Christensen. And I saw grandma and grandpa Woolf and Rhonda. Sunday night we went out and tried contacting people, we weren't able to get any lessons in but we still felt like it was a successful night because we were able to set appointments. I am ready to get back to the swing of things, and it's so crazy that it is the last week of the transfer already! Thank you everyone for your prayers during this crazy week. I am doing ALOT better! Love you all!

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