Monday, January 20, 2014

Jan 20...what a success

So this week was simply inspiring. We started off right with a trip to the temple as a District. I love being able to go to the house of The Lord so often because it really makes me feel his love so much stronger. After the temple trip we got to go on exchanges with the sister training leader. I think these are so fun because I usually get to go to the Spanish area for the day and I get fed really well and get to try to see how much Spanish I know. Well the answer for how much I know is almost nothing. But it is still fun. On Wednesday morning I had probably one of the most revelatory experiences on my mission. I learned that each of us, as children of God have a purpose and as missionaries we have a purpose that is given to us and we are told how to be. If we strive our best to be diligent and faithful and work hard then we are promised so many blessings, and we get to bless others while we are at it. Our Heavenly Father has given us so many tools to help us in this great work. We have the Book of Mormon which is convincing evidence that this is the restored gospel. We have the spirit to guide us in all that we need to do and say. We are never alone, we have our older brother Jesus Christ by our side to show us the way and the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. We are so blessed to have this light and knowledge in our life now we need to find a pure desire to go out and share that with the people around us. Instead of letting rejection pull us down, it should give us motivation to work even harder. I love having moments like these that help strengthen our relationship with our Heavenly Father. Wednesday was also such a beautiful day and we didn't have many set appointments so we went out tracting and it was nice not having to use our car. On Thursday we had a great training by the zone leaders in the district training meeting. It was all about how to use our iPads and trust me it was super helpful! It was also probably the fullest day appointment wise that I have ever had in this area. This week in general felt super successful because we were able to be really productive and busy and we were able to not only reach the goals we set but pass them. On Saturday we had a baptism of an 18 year old girl. She was so excited to be entering into such a special covenant with God. Also on Saturday I got to speak in the adult/youth session of stake conference. It was such an amazing night full of powerful and inspiring talks. Yesterday (Sunday) afternoon we didn't have any set appointments and so we did some more knocking and to keep my self motivated I gave myself a treat for each door I knocked on. This probably sounds silly but when you knock so many doors and find no one home you have to make things fun. So each door we knocked on I got a Hersey kiss and if we got in and shared a lesson I got two. It was really fun. But we ended our night off with some really amazing lessons and we were able to plan for a good day today. Transfers calls came and here is what's happening.... Me and Sister Jones are staying together but we are getting another companion! So its back to a trio. We are hoping this means Sister Jones gets her visa soon.

I can't believe it has already been 6 weeks. Each transfer goes by faster and faster, and before I know it I will be in my last transfer. But I don't need to worry about that it's awhile away:) And today is my 10 month mark!!!  WOOT!

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