Monday, April 29, 2013

week #6 "working it"

Okay before I even get started I must say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Mom and Dad and also Happy Adoption Summer! I did the calculations and it has been 3 years but it seems like so much longer! This week has been crazy busy with work! On Monday we got to meet with this couple that is super interested in hearing the message and they are ready for change. The house they are living in was trashed! And so we get to help them clean it. Later on Monday we went to visit a less active family and when we went there the power went out, so we got to teach them in the dark! Tuesday was a super fun busy day and I felt like a missionary, we attended mission prep again and I am sure we will continue to go every week because it is super helpful! After lunch we drove out to Neola and we visited with this lady we met a little while ago. Her horse just had a baby the night before so we got to go see it. It was super cute! We went and met with C (12 year old girl) and D (7 year old boy) and taught them the first lesson. C had a friend there and it seemed like she was even more interested in learning than the other kids. And then after dinner we got to teach B (12 year old boy) him and his brothers remind me so much of Jace and Kade that every time we go visit it make me miss them. Wednesday we did a ton of tracting and met lots of great members but didn't find anyone to teach. Then we got to go to the Indian Reservation with this native women who said she "really wants all her Lamenite people to get baptized!" So we are going to see if we can help her out with that. She said we are mainly going to have to do service to plant the seed and not seem pushy. I am looking forward to it! I also discovered on Wednesday that I am pretty sure I am allergic to dogs. I wasn't really having problems until we moved in with someone who has an indoor dog and my eyes felt like they were going to pop out of my head! Thursday we got to meet with S, she is 14 and knows so much about the gospel but her dad in Salt Lake doesn't want her to get baptized. We also had two other lessons that night. I love Thursdays because we are super busy and the work gets done! Friday started out great with a trip to Vernal to go to the temple. We got to do weekly planning and it was so awesome to see our list fill up finally. We were almost late to go visit G and W( the couple ready for change.) at the end of our lesson we invited G to pray and he said he wasn't ready, then Sister Smith told him why we pray and then he agreed to do it. When he got done he said he felt so peaceful and good! I love experiences like this! on Saturday we had interviews with the Mission President and it was so great to talk to him. He gave me some great advice and told me that I was a super quick learner. I joked with him about having me train after the 12 weeks of training is up and he said its definately a possibility. Yesterday I got to attend 3 sacrament meetings again and got to speak in one of them. I talked about missionary work( go figure)
I think my favorite thing about this week is seeing the people we are working with start to trust us. This week they all seemed more like friends than just people and they are all progressing so quickly. I also loved the fact that we stayed busy so I didn't have time to think about the bad.
I hope everyone is doing good, I love hearing from everyone each week and can't believe the big changes happening! Like the new bishopric! holy moly! and Jace's basketball game! I hope you are doing better Jace! I love you and hope to hear lots about this week!
LOVE Sister Harrison

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

week #5 answers

This is Kaylynn's mom and I keep posting on this blog for her.
This week I sent her a list of questions and this is how she answered:
What do you do for daily exercise?
we usually play soccer or basketball as a district
Is there anything you are really struggling living without?
My pointe shoes! haha jk, I wish I had more piano music!
Are you giving yourselves gold stars? (this is the way we challenged our missionaries to celebrate their successes)
I put one at the end of each day in my journal if I feel like I earned one that day
Which shoes do you wear most often?
 I honestly switch my shoes so often but I like the coral colored ones the best.
do you need a hair cut yet?  is there someone in your wards who cuts hair?
 HECK NO!! I am not going to cut it while I am on my mission
What do you eat for breakfast?
 cereal or toast and eggs
Is there still snow on the ground?
it finally all melted
how are you BEING a good companion?
I try to be patient and understand her needs
do you get letters from anyone in our extended family?
 I got one from Rhonda and that's it
what's an interesting fact about the city you live in?
There is not even a walmart here but there is an expansion of Utah State
what's your district leader like?
 Elder Allal is awesome! He is from France he is about 5'4'' and hilarious but he also know that work needs to get done because we are on the lords time and we are his representatives.
What fun things do you do on p-day?
 Most Pdays we get to play lots of sports and email!
Do you ever see your mission president and his wife?
I have only ever seen them the night I left the MTC
Where do you think you will get to be on mothers day to call home? 
 I think I might get to skype I still have to figure it out but I will let you know the plan next week
How often do members feed you? We get fed dinner every night by members and we feed our selves or get Free Meals from resturants for lunch and breakfast
does anyone in your wards want to take pictures of you and email them to me?
 I can probably make that happen:)
Here is part of her letter this week:
I can't not even believe that its is already Monday again! Time is moving much to quickly and I can't even blink or I miss something! This week was super fun and crazy! We woke up to more snow Tuesday which is super crazy! Wednesday we got a call from the sisters serving in the next stake over and they needed to do splits because one of them was sick and they didn't want to have to cancel appointments. So I got to spend the day with Sister Reynolds. She is from Portland OR and she attended BYUI. We are so much alike and got along super well! She is seriously amazing and when I see the kind of missionary she is that is how I want to be. Friday Morning we got to go to the Vernal Temple. It was beautiful! I seriously felt the spirit so strong and I just received so many answers.  We then went and did weekly planning and it was really cool to finally see our week filling up with appointments! Sunday I got to speak in two sacrament meetings. One of them we were asked in advance and the other one they just called us up. But it is incredible how the Lord really does speak through us because I don't even remember what I said. And this morning we got to move for hopefully the last time because I am sick of packing. All is well and I love my mission. I know that when I start to get discouraged all I have to do is turn to the Lord for help. I love the book of Mormon and the guidance it gives me everyday. I hope all of you are feeling the blessing flow because I see so many blessing everyday that I don't know what to do with all of them. Love you all and hope you continue to be member missionaries!:)

Monday, April 15, 2013

Week #4...Members make a difference.

 I have so much to tell you! so last Tuesday the mission house inspectors came by and they walked in and knew instantly that we should be moved. Our apartment was rough and our house smelled bad. The smell was making me sick and I wanted out of there so bad! We got to do more tracting and ran into more members... they are everywhere! Wednesday was an incredible day! We have lots of kid investigators and so we decided to find some visual aids and games for them to make learning a little more fun! We got to meet the stake YW President and she took us out for milkshakes. While we were eating we got a phone call that was an answer to our prayers. They finally found us a new place to live.( the apt they were in was not a good situation) We are living with the Taylors. They are an old couple with a big house. I feel totally spoiled living here. The District Leader calls us Princesses now (Dad you were right!)
We had a fun dinner appointment with a family we see quite often. Sister J( the mom) served a mission and loves the idea of helping us as much as possible. We had a lesson that night with a 10 year old girl who can't quite decide if  being baptized is what she really wants. Its really hard to help her out because she has such a strong testimony. That night we had a meeting with all the Ward Mission Leaders and it was amazing how much they help us!
Thursday I definitely earned a gold star!( I put a star in my journal on the days I feel like I really earned them) We had Zone training and car inspections in Vernal. During our meeting we talked about how President McCune is giving us less rules to follow. So now we can listen to any kind of uplifting music and not just lds artists! We also found out that each missionary is going to be getting a tablet! Thats right!! I am so excited for that, it will give my shoulder a break because we won't be carrying our scriptures everywhere now! After that we headed back to Roosevelt to start being Missionaries again. We had 4 appointments! All of them went really well and I feel like the people here progress faster than we can teach! Its seriously incredible!
Friday we decided to do a car fast because on Thursday we used 107 of our miles and we only get 800 a month. We are probably going to have to talk to the mission president about making it a bigger number because we have used about 600 already and its only the 15th!  So we got to walk everywhere and luckly the weather cooperated! it was 75 degrees and sunny all day. My companion got sun burnt. After lunch we decided to meet some families we have been hearing a lot about. The first family we talked to loved seeing us and the second was not interested at all. We got back a little to early so we decided to do some tracting around the neighborhood we live in. We knocked on the door of this amazing family. The dad is Greek Orthodox and the mom has no religion, they have 3 year old twin girls who are super cute ( they look like michelle stoddards kids) They let us come in and share a message, The dad said that they really aren't interested but they love hearing from us and said we could stop by anytime. Hopefully if we continue visiting their hearts will be opened. Saturday we did some tracting and were pretty successful. You are probably wondering what makes a day successful, well if we are invited in and get to share a message with them, thats what make it successful. At 4:00 we had a baptism. This 10 year old  boy was baptized and his dad was rebaptized! The spirit was super strong and amazing! Saturday night we got to teach a 10 year old boy with autism. He has such a fun spirit with him and it was fun teaching him. After our lesson we did some more tracting in an area we didn't realize was ours.  One of the families we ran into gave us 20 pounds of moose and elk meat! Yesterday (sunday) was great, we attended two wards and it was fast and testimony meeting. After church we did more tracting, I am seriously surprised how much tracting we do! But we found some one who wants to take the discussions! He was taught by the Elders awhile ago but his mom said he would probably learn better from us sisters! For dinner we went to the family with twins who is not interested and we had a great time with them. I am sure they will come around some day because I could see him as a mission president!
Utah weather is a lot like Idaho, today we woke up to 4 inches of snow...even though it was 75 degrees two days ago! Over all I feel like I am doing pretty good. There has been a few times that I have felt home sick but as soon as I get to work I forget about it.  I love you all and miss you! I have a request for everyone. PLEASE be member missionaries, with out you the work does not get done!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Week #3 In the field, Ready to harvest

Well I made it!! It was so weird leaving the MTC because we literally just drove up the street a few blocks. I met the McCunes and they are amazing. Sister McCune is such a sweet heart. We had a little meeting telling us more about our mission. There is 160 stakes, we get to be in the big 4th of July parade, we get to attend the temple twice a month, and we get to go to general conference twice! The next morning we got to go meet our trainers and find out where we are serving. My companion is Sister Smith.(so our compainionship is Sister Harrison and Smith, sound familiar at all!) she is from B.C. Canada, she is about 5 foot tall, and is 23 years old. Me and her got the fun assignment as far as area goes. We are opening up the Rossevelt West area. So we are in Eastern Utah and there is only farms and little shops, well I guess there is one grocery store. We kicked the Elders out of their apartments until we find a place to stay and they are staying with some other Elders. Thursday was incredible! We went to the stake center as a district and threw the rugby around and then did a little work out. That afternoon we got to teach our first investigator.  She lives out in the middle of no where, like most people here in Roosevelt. Then we had a miracle, we have such awesome ward mission leaders out here, one of them got us dinners for the rest of the week so we don't starve, even though I didn't think it would be possible. After dinner on Thursday we had an appointment with this little 8 year old who wants to know more before he just gets bapitzed which I think is awesome that he wants that personal testimony. Friday started out a little slow but then got amazing. We had district training meeting which was pretty good, then we went out to lunch as a district and got free subway! After lunch we did some weekly planning which took forever! But I think its because we are still trying to figure out the area. Friday night we did some tracting (I didn't think I was going to ever have to do this but we do it alot!)  we found 2 potential invesigators that we are meeting with today. Saturday was more fun than work. We went to breakfast as a district to the McCoy's house they are recent converts and love the missionaries. We joined them for the morning session of conference and lunch. Then we headed over to another family's house for afternoon session. We had two lessons after dinner but the last one fell through so did more tracting! Sunday was another fabulous day of conference. I can not tell you how much I love missionary work and how much I love hearing the prophet and apostles speak about it. We spent from breakfast to dinner at the Williams house. The dad is the High Councilman over the missionaries. after dinner we went and did more tracting and found a bunch of members who want to help move the Lords work forward. This morning to start off my first P-day we went and hiked a small mountian to watch the sun rise as a district. It was super fun! I have been focusing my personal study on faith and what true faith is and I love this topic! I also love the topic of the importance of the book of mormon. As a missionary we have to rely so much on our faith and the book of mormon.
It sounds like you had a fun trip to Arizona and hopefully got tan. I will send you some pictures to tell you more because a picture speaks a thousand words!:) love you all and miss you, but not enough to come home for another 17 months!:)

Monday, April 1, 2013

week #2 heading out!

Okay so I am headed out into the feild tomorrow and we wont get a Pday until next week so we are aloud to email today. This past week has been pretty incredible and hard. I had quite the emotional break down on Wednesday due to stress because here in the MTC they tell you all the time to teach by the spirit and that he will put words into your mouth. I felt like this wasn´t happening to me and I got really frustrated. But then I relized that it was happening I just wasn´t recognizing it. It is really incredible how quickly Heavenly Father answers our prayers. Also last week I auditioned to play the song and I got in I will be playing today at the Senior Couple Missionary Meeting. I got to go to the temple on Thursday and it was amazing. The Provo temple is HUGE!! On Friday we had ¨ In-Feild Orientation" and guess who taught one of my classes?! Elder Christensen from the District!! It was so amazing and all the teachers that day were incredible. I am seriously amazed with how fast the past 2 weeks have gone and yes dad I do feel like a real missionary now!:) Two of our missionaries left to Zimbabwe at 5 o'clock yesterday! Yesterday was Easter and so Happy Easter, we got to have a sacrament meeting as the whole MTC, that over 3,000 people getting the sacrament all at once!! We also thought we were going to have an apostle but it was a Presiding Bishop from France. It was an amazing talk and then for the Sunday night devotional we had Sister Sheri Dew!! Wow what a great and powerful women. She is so inspirational! I got a package from Jackie with some delicious brownies and let me tell you my district enjoyed those very much! Well the spirit is strong, the church is true and the book is blue!!:) Have a great day and I love hearing from all of you! Jace keep up the athletic famousness!:) Summer keep up with physics:) Dad have fun with work and don't feel like a failure:) Mom keep making my day with the Dear Elders:) Kade have fun in Arizona and party hard!:) but don't have to much fun without me! Love you all!!:)

-Sister Kaylynn Brianna Harrison

week #1 waiting for pday

Well it has been a long wait for PDay. I have been wanting to email you for a long time because I have so much to tell you! The first day here was really hard. I felt like so much information was being thrown at me and I didn't have room to put it all in my brain. My companion didn't show up on time so I didn't actually get to meet her until dinner time. Her name is Sister Lyle, she is from a little town on the boarder of Mexico and Texas. but she is so fun and knows so much! My district is seriously amazing, all of us are going to Provo except two who are going to Zimbabwe! The spirit is constantly everywhere and I love it! I have ran into some familiar faces while being here... I have seen Elder Creer, Hermana Burnham, Sister Klingler, Elder Bell and many more randoms from high school and efy! I do get to see Jessalyn quite a bit which makes things a little easier! I have great teachers and on day two we started being teachers ourselves. I have taught 4 different investigators and each one is so different! I also got a pretty fun calling, I was made branch music coordinator because I am the only one that knows how to play piano. I am actually auditioning with the song I played at my farewell to maybe play in the fireside this Sunday! Because Easter is this Sunday we are probably having an apostle come speak to us! I seriously love it here at the MTC! It sounds like everything is going pretty great at home, I am glad the ward carnival went well and it sound like mom had a pretty crazy week! I am so proud to call you all my family! I brag about you, all the time!! I miss you like crazy but at the same time it feels like such a blessing to be here right now ready and willing to serve the Lord! Kade, I think about what you said at my setting apart all the time, let me tell you, you really have to rely on the scriptures here! Summer to answer your questions, we study from
8am-9pm with a few breaks for eating food. And for church all the sister go to the gym and then we have sacrament after that in one of the class rooms. Jace you would love it here! The food is yummy and there is so much of it!! I am happy to hear you are doing high jump but just dont grow to much okay! Dad I am sure you are super busy with work all the time like normal but I loved the email. I have gotten a few letters this week that have made my day, I got one from Camry Balero, Melissa Anderson and a package from the Mortensens with an annoucement to anna's baptism! I really love hearing from everyone and mom the Dear Elder thing works really well and I get your letters everyday! Love you all and hope you know that! I will send pictures a little later because the computers don't have an SD slot! but the have something in the book store I am going to buy. Well my computer is about to time out soon so I will hear from you all later!!:)