Monday, January 6, 2014

Jan 6...birthdays and kidney stones

Happy 2014!
It has been a different week than most. I actually wanted to go and knock on random people's doors so that we could find more people to work with. I tried to make it fun and different so that we wouldn't get tired of doing it after 3 houses. This week we now have 2 new investigators. One is a woman from Ohio, she is living with a guy who is a member of the church and she has had a lot of questions at he doesn't know how to answer because he is a newer convert to the church. The Elders actually gave us their names because they met them at a gas station. The other investigator is a lady who has lived in Utah for awhile but she is catholic. We asked if her and her husband would be willing to learn more about the LDS faith. She wanted the lessons but her husband said no, but we think he might come around as soon as he see the difference in her. We invited both of our new investigators to the waters of baptism the first lesson like we are supposed to do and they both accepted which is so exciting.
We also had some really good lessons with some less-active members. We were able to teach the Law of Chastity and the guy we were teaching it to definitely brought humor into all of it since him and his girl friend are living together. They are such an awesome couple though and they really do want to come back and be strong in the gospel again.

Well I am now officially 20 and my last day as a 19 year old was very unplanned. I woke up at 5:15 in so much pain and knew right away I was passing a kidney stone. So my companion called our mission nurse and she said to take me to the hospital emergency room in Payson. So we headed down there and the doctor got me hooked up on an IV and got me some morphine, well that wasn't doing its job so they kept giving me more. I finally went in for a CT scan and they were able to find out for sure that it was a kidney stone. They also found out through some other test that I have a kidney infection too. He said the stone I was passing was a 2.3mm which is pretty large. He also gave me some good news, I only have 1 kidney stone left in my kidneys to pass. Which is better than when I was told the results a few years ago. The pain was still not going away after 4 doses of morphine so they gave me something stronger. Well that relaxed my body a little to much and made it so I wasn't breathing very well so I got hooked up on oxygen. In the middle of all this chaos we were able to get the zone leaders to Payson to give me a priesthood blessing. They were also kind enough to go get my prescription filled. I am grateful for a companion who was willing to stay by my side and get me anything I needed. I can honestly say I don't think I have ever felt so much pain especially after being put on so many pain meds. I was able to be released from the ER after 4 hours of being there. I think I finally passed the kidney stone and my body is taking a while to recover from so much trauma. I get to go see the mission doctor today to see if they can figure out what all is going on. I know that many people are praying for me and just want to thank you and let you know how much I love the power of prayer. I pray that I can figure things out so I can go back to work. Last night I finally convinced my companion to find a split and I would just stay home with our land lady so that we could still help people come unto Christ.

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