Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Aug 25...week incredible

This week was an incredible week.
Every time some one asks me how long I have been out and I respond
with 17 months they ask the question, "are you getting trunky?" I
happily answer there is no time to get trunky because there is still
way too much to do here in Orem. We are working with some amazing
people right now who I don't ever want to leave. Then as the week goes
on we get new people to work with who will all most likely be getting
baptized after I go home. To think that I only have about 5 weeks left
scares me. I hope that I will be able to feel accomplished and ready
to go. But this transfer is just going to fly way too fast. We have
zone conference, zone training meeting, 8 exchanges, a temple trip
with some reactivated members, baptisms and so much more. I have a
feeling I am going to wake up and it will be time to get on a plane.
So I am going to do my best to serve as best as I can so I don't look
back with any regrets.

This week me any Sister Hedley made the goal of getting up earlier so
we can run all 30 minutes in the morning. We having been running about
2 miles everyday and it feels so good. Hopefully some one at home is
willing to be my running buddy:)

Monday we were all ready a little late to our appointment since we
needed to drop Sister D off in south Orem. Then we got stuck behind an
accident and ended up being about 30 minutes late. It was not a good
first impression on our part. But this new family we will be working
with was very understanding and they were even kind enough to invite
us back. It actually went really well. The wife is a recent convert of
over a year and the husband is a return missionary. Our goal for them
is to get them prepared to go and get sealed in the temple. Also on
Monday night we got the okay to put one of our investigators on date.
She is a foster daughter so we were waiting for approval. She is going
to be baptized on Aug 30th.

Tuesday we spent a lot of the afternoon in the Sunpark area for the
last time! I was able to see Vanessa one last time and I also tried
seeing the 86 year old man that I taught last year.
But he wasn't home. That night we did our normal splits due to the
combined areas. That night we were able to teach with the Cornish's
because there is a family we are teaching that has lots of questions,
so we will be teaching the lessons and the Cornish's will come in and
answer all their questions. We got to put the foster girl on date on
Tuesday and she was so excited because she has been wanting this for
awhile now. We then got to teach one of our less actives about the
plan of salvation. She has a really hard past and doesn't like her
family much. She struggled with the fact families can be together
forever. We assured her that some day her future family will be the
family she wants to be with for eternity.

Wednesday was transfers and it was weird going to transfers knowing
that I was staying with Sister Hedley in Orem. We went to drop Sister
D off, who was way thrilled to be getting a new companion. It was also
weird to be seeing the missionaries going home and I had big wake up
call when my companion reminded me that I would be in that position in
just 6 weeks. O man I almost lost it! After transfer meeting we headed
back to our are to do missionary work. We taught a family about
talents and it was cool helping them realize that talents are more
than just playing a sport or musical instrument. That night we had one
of the best chapel tours we have had in awhile. Usually we only have a
few people there but this time we almost had to split up the groups
there were so many. We had our new investigators appointment fall
through which stunk, we were looking forward to seeing how ready they
are. Then we had coordination meeting.

Thursday we spent all afternoon contacting and then the evening we
were able to teach some people. At our dinner appointment we ate with
a family whose son is less active. At the end of the lesson we shared
a spiritual thought with them and the son asked if we could come back
and teach him the lessons to help him understand the basics. We were
able to see our investigator in Center for Change. She wasn't
expecting us and so surprising her was fun! We also were able to teach
this one less active guy who is so interested in coming back to
church. We had a really good time talking with him after the lesson
and just getting to know him more.

Friday was full of appointments which is unusual since that is usually
weekly planning day. But we were able to teach new people we have
never taught and also some that we just love teaching on a regular
basis. It was a long day with lots of rain. This whole week was rainy.
Even the mountains have snow on them now! Man I sure hope winter waits
to come after I go home!

Saturday was super fun and different. We had DTM that morning and we
focused on working with members more. After DTM we were putting the
chairs away and one of them dropped on my shins really hard, so I have
some pretty cool bruises from that. For lunch we went to Pizza Pie
Cafe and had a buffet. I ate 10 pieces of pizza. I guess I was hungry
and I really wanted to try one of each kind. They had some different
pizzas there. I really enjoyed the BBQ chicken and the spud pizza was
interesting too. After our wonderful training I decided we needed to
meet some of the bishops that I don't know yet. So we made some phone
calls and have appointments. We also just got a new ward mission
leader in one of the wards and he wanted to have us over so he and his
wife could get to know us and so we could make a plan of action for
missionary work in his ward. He just moved here from Ohio so he knows
how to reach out to non members. After dinner we went over to a ward
BBQ so we could meet the bishop. He is so ready to be busy with
missionary work in his ward and so we will be working with him to help
him out. Then we went with a lady from a ward who is so excited to
reach out to her neighbors because so many of them are non members.
Her family owns a peach orchard and so she had boxes of peaches that
we all were going to take to her neighbors. It was so fun. Her
neighbors are from all over. China, Japan, Korea, India, France,
Washington, and lots of other places. We are hoping that we can do
some follow up with these families to see if they would be interested
in taking the discussions. Then to end the night we got to go out with
the Ostler's uncle so he could introduce us to some of his less active
young men. We were able to teach one of them and we will hopefully be
teaching the family a FHE some time soon.

Sunday was fun and busy. We got to do our normal missionary
coordination, we had a ward council, we got to speak and then
appointments. Sundays on a mission are super exhausting! But they are
so worth it. Last night was super stormy again and their was a
beautiful rainbow to make thinks a little brighter.

There is fun stuff ahead for this week!

Love you all!

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