Monday, September 8, 2014

Sep 8...only 3 more Mondays.

Well we are down to less than a month and I am trying to mentally
prepare myself for what it is going to be like to not be tired all the
time, to not have to eat food from random people, and what it will be
like to have alone time... Sounds pretty weird at this point. This
week was quite the adventure. We are trying to get exchanges done so
that we can be focused on our area the last few days of my mission. So
here's my week:

Monday evening we went and saw our investigator in treatment and since
no one else wanted appointments with us we ended up staying there and
playing games with her and some of the other girls. It was super fun.

Tuesday we went to the temple and on our way up there we got a call
from the zone leaders who were a bit concerned about some sisters in
their zone. But we tried to forget about it while we enjoyed our time
in the house of The Lord. I love the revelation I get and the spirit I
feel when I am in the temple. Temples have been a big talk for a long
time in our mission since there are two being built in our mission and
one being rededicated near by. We have had so many of the families we
are teaching drive up to Ogden to the open house. Everyone loves it!
After our trip to the temple we stopped by the sisters apartment to
see what was happening and why the zone leaders would need to call us.
It was kinda awkward bringing up the problem but we figured things
out. Then we went on exchanges. I went to American Fork with Sister
Quintana. She is such an awesome missionary. We went and did a lot of
finding but it was kinda fun. Their is a big Spanish initiative going
on in our mission and they use it as a wonderful finding tool. We did
a lot of walking to save some miles but it was the hottest day of the
week. But it was fun. That night we had two dinners. I was so full by
the end of the night!

Wednesday we exchanged back and me and Sister Hedley went to DTM. We
learned about the importance of helping people make and keep
commitments. Then after DTM we ran some orange juice to some sisters
that felt like they were starting to get sick and then we did
exchanges. I stayed in Orem with Sister Sablan. We had such a fun day.
We heart attacked the door of one of our returning members that gave
up smoking this week. We got a text from her later in the day saying
thank you and that she is doing really well with not smoking. We were
able to teach a great lesson to someone who grew up her whole life in
Utah and really doesn't know anything about the LDS church. When we
started talking about baptism she explained that she didn't really
like the way her church did it but they way we do it makes sense. It
was such a powerful lesson. We also talked a lot about how much truth
the Book of Mormon has and she said their must be a lot of power in
the 531 pages in the Book of Mormon, which made her excited to start
reading it. We then helped one of our investigators out by finding her
a ride. We got a message from her that she was stuck at UVU with out a
ride and so we got permission to go with our senior couple to pick her
up. Then we had dinner with an awesome family who is all about
missionary work. Then after dinner we had a church tour and we
actually had some families come. It was great. Then we headed off to
teach one of our returning members about the word of wisdom. It is
something that she has struggled with for many years and wants to
quit. As we showed her the pamphlets ideas of how to quit she was so
excited to be able to try a new way of quitting. Then we had a
training with the stake and ward mission leaders.

Thursday we exchanged back and me and Sister Hedley were able to get
some things done that we needed to do. Then we did our final exchange
for the week. I went to Pleasant Grove with Sister Lutz. It was a fun
day. We did service for about an hour and a half when we first got
there. It was a different kind of service project but we were so happy
to help. We handed out flyers out side of a store for two girls that
have been missing for two months now. We got to talk with their dad
for a little bit and man I can't imagine having your 13 and 15 year
old daughters just disappear. It would be so hard. After the project
we were able to teach some people. Well actually I got to do a lot of
listening since all the lessons were in Spanish. My favorite
appointment of all day had to be the last one... We tracted into this
family and they knew no English. The older lady told me I needed to
learn Spanish since I was in Utah and there are a lot of Spanish
speakers and then throughout the rest of the evening she was making
fun of me in Spanish. I couldn't understand everything but I knew she
wasn't being nice. When we got back to the apartment and did a lot of
talking and the talking didn't stop until 2:00. Then there was a huge
thunder storm that woke me up around 5:00 and I had a hard time going
back to sleep. Man that was a mistake. That is why I don't love 24
hour exchanges. I wish I didn't have to have sleep overs.

Friday we exchanged back and both of us were so exhausted from
exchanges. But we had no time to waste.  We went and talked to one of
our investigators and she is doing a lot better. For awhile her and
her husband were not getting along but she is really relying on
Heavenly Father and it is helping their relationship. Then we went to
lunch with the Cornish's and the food was so yummy. We had a funny mix
up. I had ordered chicken and my companion ordered pork and they only
brought out a few dishes at a time and they didn't tell us what kind
of food it was. So my companion took what she thought was the pork but
it ended up being the chicken because a few minutes later when they
brought out the rest of the food the guy asked who had the pork. But
we ended working everything out after he brought me out some chicken
and we realized Sister Hedley was the one who stole my chicken. It was
a good laugh. After that we did our weekly planning and then we
finished our night with appointments.

Saturday was all sorts of fun and crazy. We went to the baptism of an
8 year old girl whose less active family we are teaching. The stake
baptisms here go so quick but it was still really cool to see how
happy she was when she came out of the water. Then we went home and
finished up our weekly planning. The rest of the day was interesting.
Our 2:00 appointment didn't show up. And so we ran over to drop off a
picture and some quotes to one of our investigators. We stayed for a
little while and played "curses" with them. Then our 3:00 thought we
were coming at 4:00 so we woke him up from his nap. The rest of our
evening was spent with me in the area knocking doors while on splits
and Sister Hedley was up in Lehi and an old investigators baptism. To
be honest it was a hard night to get through.

Sunday was busy. We went to our stake coordination and the came home
and studied for an hour and then went to a ward council and then to a
sacrament meeting and then to another sacrament meeting. The second
sacrament meeting was different. It is a really young ward and so
there was 3 baby blessings and on top of that the bishopric got changed
and there was so many people there that they had to bless the
sacrament twice because they didn't prepare enough at first. So by the
time sacrament was over and it was time for testimonies they only had
15 minutes left. So the old bishopric got to bare their testimonies
and that is it. We then had to run off to appointments for the rest of
the day and it was very rushed. But a lot of them ended up canceling
and so we got a few breathers. But the worst thing happened. We got to
our dinner appointment and they cancelled on us too! There is nothing
worse than when your dinner cancels on a fast Sunday. Luckily our
senior couples are always there to save us! And I am just kidding
about it being the worst thing ever. It wasn't too bad, we were just
hungry. But the appointments the rest of the night were so powerful
and awesome!

So that's my week and this week will be fun and fast too. We have MLC
tomorrow and then two ZTM's, and stake and regional conference. And we
get to speak at the youth/adult session on Saturday night. Luckily no
exchanges this week!

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