Monday, September 29, 2014

Sep 29...finishing off strong

Well last week was my final full week as a missionary. I really wanted
to finish strong so Sister Hedley and I decided to set some big goals.
We want to get a baptism, which was already on the schedule to happen,
we wanted to get over 40 lessons and stay busy every day. Well we
accomplished it! We got 1 baptism and 42 lessons this week. I love the
Utah Provo Mission! I am super excited to continue seeing growth in
the area even after I leave. I had to say lots of "see you later"'s
and that was some what hard because I think I am so excited to see my
wonderful family. Thank you so much Mom, Dad, Jessalyn, Summer, Jace,
Kade, Zoey, Bradley, Grandma and Grandpa Woolf and Harrison, and all
my other family for supporting me through the past 18 months! I
couldn't have done it with out all of you! Since this is my final
email as a full-time missionary I hope I can express enough how much I
have loved serving the Lord. There is just something special about
coming out and devoting all your time and attention to serving others
and helping them see the gospel light.

Monday night the Elies's took me and Sister Hedley out for dinner
since I was heading home soon. Then we went and had great lessons. We
were able to help a struggling recent convert see her testimony again
and see the importance of the little things. We were also able to
teach a fun lessons about the 10 commandments to B***, I***, A*** and
the H***'s. Then we went and taught an older brother about the
priesthood and got him pumped up to receive the higher priesthood. And
that ended our busy Monday night.

Tuesday we had exchanges. I had Sister Wang come to my area. It was
fun being able to be her companion again for the day. She kept saying
how crazy it was that I was leaving so soon. And it is crazy
especially since I don't know if I will ever see her again. Unless she
comes to BYU like she wants or I make a trip to China. We were able to
have some really good lessons. And it seemed like we were running late
to everything. But we managed to fit everything in.

Wednesday we had DTM and it was focused on being effective and
efficient in using the time the lord has given us. After DTM we went
and ate lunch at Tai Drift and as we were paying for it some one came
up and paid for our whole district! But I have officially decided I am
not a fan of Tai food. The rest of the day was spent teaching lessons
and doing our chapel tour and having our coordination meeting. One of
our lessons was very unique. It was with O*** who we started teaching
last week. She told us that she could feel a difference when we left
her house last time we taught and she wanted that back and so she went
to her knees and prayed and asked Heavenly Father for a confirmation
of what we were teaching. She told us that she definitely knows that
these things are true and she has the desire to be baptized! It was
such a incredible lesson!

Thursday we went to the other districts DTM to help them out and give
them motivation. Afterwards we were hungry and knowing that we didn't
have much at home we decided to use my Little Caesars gift card and
get a pizza. Right now they have a pretzel pizza and my goodness it is
yummy! Then we taught a lesson about the word of wisdom to some one
who has come through so much to be where he is today. Then we had to
go and stop by to see some Sisters because they had been
offended by some stuff that was said in DTM. So we went and helped
them. Then we got to teach the Parramore's who keep asking if I can
come every day before I go home. But I have told them that I really
want to come back when they get sealed in the temple. Our chapel tour
that night was super awesome. The D*** came and
they were able to feel the spirit so strong. By the end G*** wanted to
read the Book of Mormon and V*** wanted to come to sacrament meeting.
Then we had to run and change our 7:00 appointment to 8:00 so that we
could go and see F***. The our 8:00 appointment was awesome. We talked
about how important the Book of Mormon is and A*** seemed excited to
continue reading it so she could continually have that spirit with

Friday we had to run a bunch of different directions. We went to the
family history center to get all of our pictures, videos and notes
from the iPad. And then we had to run to Walmart to get my money off
my card for luggage fees. While we were there this 22ish year old boy
called us over and asked us what we were doing there. We told him why
we were there and it turns out he just got home a week ago from his
mission. He gave me a lot of reassurance that it was going to be okay.
And that the whole flight home the lord will be with me. Then we had
to run up to a meeting with the zone leaders and district leaders up
in Pleasant Grove, because their zone is really struggling with
obedience and working hard. So we helped by giving them ideas of what
to train them on. Then we had our lesson with S*** and we were able
to get her super excited for her baptism the next day. Also in between
all of these things we were able to get weekly planning done. R dinner
that night was super great. We ate with a sister and her non member
husband. As we were sitting waiting for dinner we heard a door open at
the top of the stairs and so we both looked up there and the brother
just came out of the bathroom in only his underwear. It was an awkward
first impression. But the rest of the night turned out great. We were
able to share a message and he sparked interest in learning more and
feeling ready for baptism soon.

Saturday was a special day. We got to witness the baptism of Sophie
Taylor. She is such a light to her family, they were all a little less
active and when she had the desire to be baptized we were able to help
re-activate the family enough that her dad baptized her. After the
baptism we went and ate lunch at the Cornish's and they asked me some
questions about what I learned on my mission. I got a bit teary eyed
but it was cool to look back on. Then we had two amazing lessons and
the people opened up to us and we were late to dinner. Dinner already
had to be short due to the women's conference at 6:00. But it was good
and the family was very understanding. Women's conference was amazing
and I loved all the messages shared and it made me excited for general
conference this weekend!

Sunday was a great day! All of our investigators and less actives
decided it was time to start coming to church! We also had Sophie's
confirmation. We had to slip out early to get to my final interview
with President McCune. It was one of the most amazing conversations I
have had. I felt as if I was talking to the prophet or something. He
gave me some amazing advice and also helped me realize ways that I
have grown out here. After the interview we hurried back so we could
finish up our lesson packed day! It was a wonderful last Sunday on the

Well only 2 more days!!!!!!!!! I am so excited. Let's just hope I can
make it through the next two days. See you on Thursday!

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