Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sep 1...my week

The weeks are getting faster and faster with how busy we have been
staying, which is some what of a good problem to have. Unless you are
ready for the next step in life. But it seems like I blink and then
all of a sudden I am writing my email again.
Since I already told all about Monday in the pictures I will start with Tuesday.

Tuesday it didn't seemed like we had time to do everything we needed
too. We had to go to DTM, we had to wash and vacuum our car at lunch,
we had to fill out progress records, and emails about lessons, we had
to finish a 19 page case study for zone conference, we had to get our
investigator interviewed for her baptism and teach lots of lessons. By
the end of the day we were so exhausted but couldn't believe that it
had flown so fast. Luckily we were able to make it to everything.

Wednesday was Zone Conference and it was a long one! We were there
from 8:30-4:00. We had some really good discussions on what our
mission needs to do different so we can start seeing different
results. During Zone Conference they had a car check. Our car got
cleanest car! Yay for being prepared. The guy in charge of all the
cars the church owns came and told some pretty crazy stories about
what missionaries do with their cars. The church spent almost 16
million dollars in car repairs last year... I guess we should all be
more careful or else everyone will be walking and biking missionaries.
Wednesday nights are crazy now because we only have one hour we can
teach people. We have chapel tour at 6, a lesson at 7, and the stake
coordination at 8. The lesson we had was super great. We read Joseph
Smith History about the experience Joseph had when he decided to pray.
Every time I read anything or hear anything about Joseph Smith my
testimony is strengthened that he really was the Prophet of the

Thursday we had to run to the mission office to get some much needed
supplies and we also went on exchanges. My favorite days to do
exchanges are the days that are full of set teaching appointments.
Which this one was. It ended up being a great day. We were able to get
a new investigator. She grew up catholic here in Utah and now she
wants to know more about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day
Saints. We showed the "Because of Him" video and she was surprised to
find out that we believe in the living Christ as well. We also we able
to find one of our recent converts that just moved and she is still on
our area! We were able to stop in on a ward/neighborhood party. I like
that the wards are starting to call them neighborhood parties because
it gets the less actives and non member to come. They had a dunk tank
there and they wanted us missionaries in there but we told them we
weren't allowed and trust me I checked with the AP's because I thought
it would be fun. Then we finished off the night with some powerful
lessons. Especially the one we had about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
We were really able to touch a lot of repentance and how it should be
looked as a happy thing. The fact that we are able to be forgiven for
what ever we have done as long as we are willing to have that change
of heart.

Friday was somewhat tough to get through because I didn't get much
sleep the night before. I always get paranoid when I am on exchanges
and so I don't sleep well. That morning I packed up almost all my
things to send with the Ostler's back home. So don't worry mom you got
most of it now. Then we did weekly planning after stressing out for 45
minutes about not having a girl to come with us to a lesson with just
a single guy and we couldn't find a split for our 2 appointments we
had at 4:00. We finally got a girl and we just made the 4:00 one half
hour lessons so we could get to both. That night we had to do even
more 30-45 minute lessons just to make it to everywhere we had set to
go. I love when work is busy but some times you forget to breathe and
remember that it is fun.

Saturday was a not so typical Saturday for us. We usually aren't very
busy but for some reason this Saturday we were very busy. We had a
chapel tour in the morning for one of our investigators and he
actually never showed, but later he called and felt so bad for
forgetting. And then we had lunch with the Cornish's. Then it was time
for J*** and S***  baptism. The girls were so excited. Their
mom was able to come and watch the girls make this step towards
Heavenly Father and there was lots of tears. They had a lunch in
afterward and we stayed because some other people we are teaching came
and so we talked to them. The family ended up sending us home with
tons of left over sandwiches and chips. It was perfect since it was
the end of the month and we ran out of money so we hardly had anything
to eat. But The Lord blesses those who are in need for sure. We then
had to run off and teach some lessons. Which both were on the Book of
Mormon and it was cool to see how different the lessons were even
though it was the same material. It goes to show that we all have
different needs. That night Sister Hedley went down to a baptism in
Springville with the Cornish's and I stayed to teach lessons with a
sister that got home from her mission this last Wednesday from Chile.
She still had the missionary spirit.

Sunday was fun and crazy all in one. We had our coordination, the
confirmation of J*** and S***, we taught Sunday school and 2
YW/YM classes. The Sunday school classes was weird, it was the 16-17
year olds and they wouldn't say a word and they were on their phones
the whole time we were talking. I am glad the brother that teaches
them has patience because I don't know if I could teach them every
week. The YW/YM classes we fun. We taught about using the internet to
share the gospel. It was fun telling kids that they have a good reason
to get on and use social media. We had a super awesome lesson that
night with one of our investigators. They are a young couple who just
had a baby and so we had some guys from the ward come who are in
similar situations. We were reading 1 Nephi 2 and when it started
talking about the family going into the wilderness the men started
talking about the "wildernesses" we have now a days, like having to
give up long boarding and skiing because you have kids to take care
of. It got a little off topic but we were able to bring back by asking
about who seemed happier, Nephi or Laman and Lemuel. Then we talked
about what we could do to become more like Nephi every day. That night
we had some time left before we could head home and we didn't know who
to go see. We finally were prompted to go see our less active H***
When we got there she welcomed us in and she told us that she was
hoping we would come over. I think it is amazing to see that The Lord
knows what we need and he will send it to us.

My land lord just came down and kindly reminded me that I only have 30
days left! Can't wait to see all of you some what soon!
On Saturday we had a pretty small world moment. We were eating dinner
with this lady and she told me she was from Alberta so I started
talking about Grandma and Grandpa Woolf and she said that her husband
was grandpa's seminary teacher in Hillspring! So she told me some good
stories:) Her name is Laura LeBaron.

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