Monday, September 29, 2014

Sep 22...the end is close, but its really just a beginning

I can not even believe that this has come so fast. The end is so
close, but really it is just a new beginning! At least that is what I
have to keep telling myself as I say good bye to so many people I love
here in Utah. I men I shouldn't worry to much because I am sure I will
be back down here to visit often.

Well this week was busy and kept us running like crazy!
Monday we had. Super fun zone activity and the elders got pretty
creative. We did a live "Clue" game in the chapel. We had to find out
who killed the zone leader, with what weapon, in what room. Super fun.
Then that night we had some great lessons. We are going to get our
investigator A*** caught up to where we are teaching the other girls.
We also made an interesting contact. We were told to contact this less
active lady and when we knocked on her door we introduced ourselves
and then she told us she was good where she was at in her life but
that we could come in. So we went inside and it was super awkward
because we couldn't bring up anything gospel related. I don't know why
she even let us inside.

Tuesday I called the mission office to find out when I would get my
departing papers and they said they were at the mission office if I
wanted to come pick them up. So we did. Then we had our first of 3
exchanges. I was with Sister Andelin who is also going home in
October. We had some really good talks about blessings of our mission.
We also did a lot of contacting because so many of our appointments
fell through. We were going to have a super great lesson with K***
and K***, but hadn't been reading so we got to read with them which
turned out being super awesome. K*** is a recent convert and she did
a lot of baring testimony through out the reading. We were able to
drop by the P***'s and read scriptures with them and then we went
and taught one of our less actives named B***. The fellowshipper we
had with us tried taking over the lesson like she was still on her
mission. It was funny to watch my companions reaction.

Wednesday we exchanged back for a few hours so that we could do DTM
and lunch as a companionship. Then we switched up again and I got to
be with Sister Sovuai from Vanuatu. She is such a funny girl. She was
such a powerful teacher in the lessons. We had a fun interactive
lesson with the W*** family. We are trying to get them better at
reading their scriptures daily and so we did a lesson about the iron
rod. We tied a rope to the basketball hoop and blind folded the had to
try and get there. Having the rope made it easy but when we took that
away it was hard. Reading the scriptures gives us that same power. We
need that daily or we could get lost in the mist of darkness. We had a
huge chapel your that night, I guess a ward decided to do it for
mutual and so we had over 30 people there. I also got a text from a
lady that just moved here from Washington and we have been trying to
teach her and she texted us and told us she was ready! And oh boy is
she. Sister Hedley got to teach her Thursday and she sounds so golden!
Wednesday night we went to our coordination meeting and we are working
really hard with the ward to get our fellowshipping up.

Thursday I went into see Nurse Stewart (our mission nurse), because I
woke up with a huge swollen lip and it wouldn't go down. It was kinda
funny to see myself in the mirror. After our appointment with her we
went to Subway to grab a sandwich before exchange number three. When
we got to the register someone paid for us. It was a tender mercy
because neither one of us had to much money but we also didn't have
much food at home. Exchanges that day were fun. I got to go to Linden
with Sister Bailey. She is a great sister. We had a fun time trying to
find our way around since she is new to the area and so was I. Luckily
we found our way around and made it to almost everything on time. We
had a great lesson with one of their recent converts named K***. He
is 18 and just joined the church not to long ago. He has such a strong
testimony, and he is headed out to military stuff soon. Dinner was
interesting, they hadn't been home all day and so they took us out to
dinner at Kneaders. It was a long wait and so we had to take most of
our food to go and we didn't even have time at all to eat it until we
got home around 9:15.

Friday I finally got to be back with my companion. It is always a
relief being back together. We had a really busy day. We did some
weekly planning. Then we went to lunch at our senior couple's house
(the Loosli's) and had a great time talking to them and getting to
know them better. Then we had a few minutes to do some more weekly
planning before going to teach A***. We taught her about the Book of
Mormon and she has already been reading the Book of Mormon stories.
Then we went and taught S*** about the importance of prayer and
scripture study. She is preparing for baptism next week! My last
baptism before I go home. Then we had dinner with a family and their 2
girls were so cute! The littlest one would get so excited and freeze
up. They also had baby chicks and they had them named for what season
they were going to be eating them in. Super funny. That night we had a
lesson with our new investigator S***. He has lived in Utah his whole
life and has never really found religion. So we were trying to teach
him about our belief in Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father and then he
started teaching us about the philosophers he loves to listen to. It
was different. Then we taught some of our returning members who have
such open hearts I love it! They are fun to teach because they really
already have a pretty strong testimony they just need to turn it into

Saturday morning when we woke up to go running we were surprised by
our car being decked out in sweet 16 happy birthday decorations. We
were so confused. We didn't know if it was a prank or some one got the
wrong car. We found out later that day that it was a prank by a
returned missionary from our mission. That afternoon we went and had a
meeting with the zone leaders and district leaders to discuss what our
zone needs to work on to reach higher goals. It was really inspiring!
Then we had a lesson with J*** at Wienerschintzel, he works there and
his boss was willing to give him a break so he could meet with us. I
think there a lot of perks for being a missionary in Utah. After his
lesson we headed off to the stake center for S***'s baptismal
interview. The rest of Saturday was spent visiting people. Especially
F***. She is moving which almost made me cry until I realized I was
going to be leaving soon too.

Sunday we got to go to the Ogden, UT temple rededication and it was so
amazing. The spirit was so strong. One of my favorite things that was
said was from President Monson, "We must love the temple, we must
appreciate the temple, and we must attend the temple." I think so many
times people take for granted having a temple near by. At least we
don't have to take a years worth of pay and travel across the globe
just so our families can have that blessing. We had some really
awesome lessons that day too. We were able to get some one excited
about doing indexing in his free time. We also were able to see our
other less active B*** who we have seen in about a month due to his
schedule. Then we were able to teach E*** and A*** the lessons
finally since E*** is now reading during the week when we aren't
there. And then our lesson with the D***'s was so amazing. The spirit
was strong and you could tell that the family was feeling it too.

Well I just can't believe I can say this... See you next week!!!!!!
Love, Sister Kaylynn Harrison

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