Monday, August 18, 2014

Aug week

This weeks letter is probably not going to be very long so I am sorry
in advance. We did how ever have quite a few miracles.

Monday night we had a family home evening with Bre and Izzy. It was
super fun because we talked about missionary work and we made them do
a role play of how they would talk to one of their friends about the
gospel. Then we played scripture pictionary. Those girls are my
favorite and I hope that they will keep in touch enough that I will be
able to be there for their farewell's when they go on missions and for
their weddings some day.

A lot of our week was contacting and I want to tell you about the
amazing people we met.
C***: we were told by the senior couple it would be a good idea
to stop by and see them so we did and we were able to talk to her
about her desire of going to them temple to be sealed in the next few
months which was exciting.

P**: this is the C***s neighbor and we heard that they were
either non member or less active. When she opened the door we had a
good conversation with her and then she invited us in. We got to know
her situation a little better and we were able to take her interest of
rock climbing and hiking and apply the gospel to it. We watched the
youth mormon message " A Secure Anchor". She has been struggling
wanting to do things solo even though she knows it is important to
have God in her life. She has been thinking about getting her grandson
involved with the church and so we invited her to our chapel tour and
she said that it was a great idea.

J***s: we got a call from our ward mission leader telling us about
a family who moved in 2 weeks ago. The parents are not active and they
have 4 kids that are old enough to be baptized and they aren't yet.
Mom wants to get more active and so we are going to be teaching the
family and hopefully getting the kids baptized.

Other exciting news this week:

I finally got to figure out why I was having dizzy spells. I went to a
head doctor and he did a hearing test and nothing, so he sent me in
for a blood test and the test came back and I guess I have a
hypothyroid. So I am going to be put on some medicine to help.

Also this week we got to meet one of our investigator's dad and he was
so awesome. He was talking to us about his conversion and how he hopes
his daughter will be able to see it. He thanked us for all that we
were doing.

We also found out this week that some of our returning members, the
M***, have a temple date set. They are going to the Draper temple
on September 13th and I get to go! They also have gone and done
baptism for the dead and they are getting callings next week! I love
seeing people progress so quickly.

We decided we really like Sonic happy hour and so some days we go and
get slushes when it is to hot outside to handle.

And last but not least I found out this Morning that me and Sister
Hedley are staying as companions here in Orem. The AP tried to trick
me at first and told me I was going out to eastern Utah. Luckily I am
I can't believe I only have 6 weeks left! It seems so unreal and it is
so crazy to see all of these other missionaries coming home. I have
had a few dreams of what it is going to be like stepping off the plane
but right now I am really focusing on helping the people while I still
can! Love you all!:)

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