Tuesday, August 6, 2013

July 29...an EVENTFUL week

So this week has been pretty awesome! We have had so many appointments this week. And surprisingly no baptisms, but that's okay. On Wednesday we got to be in Provo by 6:30 to help with the Temple to Temple 5K run. We were in charge of making sure cars were not going on the roads the runners were on. Once everyone had started the race (over 5,000 people) we got to start our walk to the new Provo City Center temple. I wish we could have ran it but we were in our proselyting clothes so it would have been a little hard. Also on Wednesday we got to do exchanges with the Sister Training Leader. I was with her companion Sister Bumstead in her area which is a Spanish area. It was really weird, I have never felt so useless, just because I can not speak an ounce of Spanish. But it was still fun and Latino people feed you like 3 times as much as the people I work with and they expect you to eat it all! So I had a stomach ache for the rest of the night. On Thursday I got to be in my area with the Sister Training Leader and we actually had an amazing day! One thing our area struggles with is having a true fellowshipper at the lessons, so Thursday we made it a goal to have a least 3 lessons with a true fellowshipper present. And surprisingly we had 4! It might not seem like much but for our area it was incredible! We were also able to go contacting and find some new people to work with. The past few days we have been busy trying to find new investigators since this month we have baptized all 5 of the ones we had. We have been knocking doors and found some really interesting people. For instance this one house said a Mr. Blue lived there and the house was very blue, the siding was light blue, the windows were painted dark blue so you can't see through them, and the guy inside was crazy! Or there was this house covered in animal heads and when we knocked on the door we commented on them and he invited us in to see his collection. Talk about a big time hunter, I wish I would have gotten a picture! But I am just lucky I am in Orem or else these people and places would probably be super sketchy! Well that was my eventful we and I am looking forward to the one a head of me! Love you all and keep the good news coming!:)

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