Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July 22...a week full of miracles

This week we saw so many of the people we are teaching being blessed incredibly and they are seeing it too! We started working with this guy who has been in-active for 20 years and is ready to come back because he needs his saviors help. We taught him on Tuesday and we were talking about how he needed to pray to his Heavenly Father. He was really nervous because he felt like Heavenly Father wasn't going to want to talk to him after 20 years of shutting him out. At the end of the lesson we all got down on our knees and we each took turns saying a prayer so by the time it got to him he would be comfortable and ready. You could tell he was really nervous at first but by the end of the prayer he was definitely pouring his heart out to our loving Heavenly Father. There is not a person in the world that He doesn't want to hear from.
 The next person that had a miracle happen was V****. She was really hoping to get a procedure done on her mouth but it was postponed because she was going to have to trade dr. offices. One of the members was taking her down to the dr. office and then the first office called asking why she didn't come to her appointment an hour ago. So she told them what was going on. Then the member that was with her decided to help with the situation. She took V**** to her first dr. office and said that she would pay for the procedure if V**** would be willing to help her out around her house and basically work for her. V**** was so thrilled and she knew that a miracle had just happened. Sorry the story is kind of hard to understand but all I know is that V**** feels her Heavenly Father blessing her and she wants to give back by going to church and trying her hardest to serve the Lord. I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who is ready to bless us. We just need to show we are ready for it.
We have two new people that we are starting to teach and they both are ready to be baptized. Last night we had dinner with the most amazing family! They remind me so much of home. They are all very sarcastic and we were laughing almost the whole time! Our area keeps progressing forward so we are pretty sure this next transfer it will be getting split. The Mission Standard of Excellance for lessons taught per week is 25 and we are getting that almost every week. I am ready for the split so that we can start working more closely with each ward because covering 22 is way to much! But everything is going great and I can't believe this transfer is almost over! Love you all and hope all is going well!

***note*** the rest is kaylynn answering questions I asked this week.

Do you have air conditioning where you live? No, but luckily we live in the basement and we have a fan. But it is always super hot in our apartment.

What are your living accommodations right now? We are living in the Basement apartment of a widow. It is quite a big space and it seems even bigger now that there is only 2 of us.
How are your feet holding up with the heat in your dress shoes? My are great, I think dance was a nice help with that. we have been walking a lot lately and when I come home my feet don't hurt at all:)
Tell me what you love the most about your companion? We get along so well and the way we teach together is amazing!

Are you driving? We have a car, my companion is the driver.

What are you driving? We are driving a 2011 Subaru

have you had any parking issues or bad driving experiences? Well I am in Utah so the drivers around me are scary but we are pretty good.
have you seen any miracles? I see miracles all the time. I am actually keeping a journal just for miracles and it is filling up faster than I thought it was going to, which is GREAT! The most amazing one is the calls we get on almost a weekly basis telling us they have someone for us to baptize, we just have to teach them first! Got to love Utah. We also have an amazing family that we have been working with. The mom is a less-active but has become very active ever since we started teaching her 12 year old  daughter. So that has been quite the miracle and she now sees the blessing that come from going to church.

what do you dislike the most about where you live?  I don't like that there is no AC in my apartment but other than that I am pretty happy. When we walk down the street we have everyone honking at us and waving and some even pull over to try to give us money for lunch and stuff. Serving in Utah is pretty awesome.

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