Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Aug 6....i love READING!

Okay so I know many of you saw this on Facebook already but let me explain a little more in detail of why I love reading so much, all of a sudden. So on April 4 2013 I started reading the Book of Mormon and as I went through it I circled every time it said faith. And I can tell you, from doing that I know that my faith has been strengthened! I have gained such a true faith for my savior Jesus Christ and all he has done for me. I know that as we are willing to put our faith in the Lord he will lead us down a path that will show us complete joy and happiness. I am happy to say that I finished the Book of Mormon way faster than I thought I was going to. I had a goal to finish it by August 4th and on the morning of August 4th I had 39 more pages to read and I seriously didn't think I was going to finish it. But I prayed with faith to my Heavenly Father and I feel truly blessed because I finished. He helped me reach my goal! So I am going to extend a commitment to all of you. Pick up the Book of Mormon and start reading it from the beginning and focus on something. It will make you love reading!

     Also this week I did have some other fun things happen. We got a new companion who is waiting for her Visa to the Philippines. Her name is Sister Fanene and she is amazing! She is from American Samoa and she has such a fun personality. Lately we have been doing a lot of singing to the ukulele. I will have to record my favorite song and send it to you! 

     This week I got to go with Sister Quist for a few days since her companion had to go do something. I think the best part was having to ride a bike in a skirt. It took some getting used to but I actually enjoyed it. I also had the opportunity to do a lot of service. I love service projects. I love getting my hands dirty and letting people know that we are willing to help them in any way they need.

     We were also blessed to use the new technology in a really cool way this week. Sister Harroff (my companion) is the only member in her family and we were able to use Skype and teach her mom and sister. And let me tell you, I have never felt the spirit so strong in my entire life. I know that being on a mission is not only blessing me and the families I am serving, but it blesses our family back home.

     I want you to all know that I am seriously loving my mission. And honestly there is no where I would rather be right now than serving Jesus Christ and helping families come closer together and be together for eternity.

 Love you all, Sister Harrison #2

PS  I totally forgot to update all of you on what is happening for transfers. So I am staying in Orem and Sister Harroff is going out to Eastern Utah to follow up train Sister Megan Neilsen. And I am staying with my new Samoan Sister and we are gaining Sister Wuitschick. Sister Wuitschick came out the transfer after me and so she is fully trained. But I get to be senior companion and I get to train Sister Fanene! so that is what's happening this week:)

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