Tuesday, June 4, 2013

may 27th...its been a great week!

May 27, 2013
Alright its been a great week! So we got to hang out with our new district on Monday and get to know them a little bit more. We finally have had some appointments but this stake is going to be a lot of reactivation which I am good with as long as our mission President is okay with it also. Tuesday Sister Soper and I had a super fun adventure. We decided to walk to one of our appointments because we had some free time. Sis. Soper told us we should try taking a different way to see if it was shorter. I was pretty sure that it was not going to be, but I went with it. So instead of a 2 mile walk to our appointment it turned into a 5 mile walk. It was okay because it was totally beautiful outside! Sis. Soper said that even though she was senior companion that we should probably follow my directions from now on. Super fun! Wednesday we decided to take matters into our own hands a little instead of depending so much on the ward mission leaders and we did some door to door contacting. We knock on the door of this girl and when we told her who we were she invited us in. As we were getting to know her she told us a lot about how she got into some bad stuff during her senior year of high school and after getting out of rehab she has been trying to turn her life around. She was so happy to have some one to talk to and to have a little spiritual uplifting. At institute that night we met some one else with a very similar background and he is wanting to start coming back to church too! Its so cool to see how the Lord is preparing people for us. Thursday was a pretty good day. We tried to do some more contacting but no one was home. Then we went and met this girl who is working on her mission papers. After that we came home and did a little more studying and I read the 14 day envelopes of the YW values. There was some incredible stories in there. Our dinner appointment on Thursday was super fun! The dad of the family grew up in Richland and graduated a Bomber. We got talking about people they might know and they knew the Ostler's and the Eppic's. They are actually the Eppic's cousins. After dinner we had a wonderful lesson with some one else who is trying to come back after getting into drugs. Its amazing how they can tell the difference between when God is in their life and not. Friday we attended the temple. It was funny because everyone kept asking us where we are going on our mission because there was quite a few groups from the MTC there. It was funny when we told them that we were already on our mission. When we were outside waiting for our district, Sis. Balero and Sis. Reynolds came walking out. The said they had just met two Elders going to the Salt Lake City West mission so we told them to keep their eyes open for our Elders from the Candy Mountain ward. For lunch we ate at a little restaurant called the Awful Waffle. I had an amazing crepe that was full of eggs, spinach, tomatoes, hash browns and other yummy stuff. It was the cutest little restaurant. Friday we were blessed with two lessons and they both went well. Friday night and all of Saturday I did not feel good. But I pushed through it because I knew that the Lord was on my side. Luckily I did because we were able to have two lessons and our dinner appointment was with a ward mission leader and his family. His family loved us and since we didn't have any appointments to run off to we were able to play some basketball with them. In our skirts but still fun. Sunday felt like one of the longest days ever. We headed to the stake center around 8:30 and attended 3 sacraments, and 2 meetings. So we were at the same building from 8:30 AM- 6:00 PM. talk about church attendance. But everything is going GREAT! We were struggling for awhile finding work but then the past few days we have gotten so many names we don't know what to do with them! So the Lord is truly blessing us and knows what we can handle. One of our favorite ward mission leaders was just released as an institute teacher so he is now all about missionary work. We are finding a lot of people willing to go on splits with us which is nice. I feel like a celebrity every where I go now, and it feels a little weird. But I love being in the Valley and I love working with the YSA! The couple we are living with has a son who works for the MTC and is over the IPAD experiment so he has talked to the board about getting us one soon! I hope it actually happens. Love you all and hope you have a fun summer!

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