Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June 2, 2013 Missionary technology

So this week was a long but good one. It started off with a wonderful Memorial Day. My district decided to do a little bit of hiking and had a picnic. On the way back home Sis. Soper told us she had never changed a tire and so of course the Elders pulled over and decided to teach her. Monday night we had a small FHE as a district. One of the Elders kept complaining all day about wanting his hair cut so I told him I would do it. I was super nervous because I really didn't want to mess up. But I did a great job and he said he wants me to cut it for the rest of his mission. So I guess maybe I am a bit of a natural. The Elders also told us that we are some of the most awesome sisters in the mission. I was happy to hear that because I would never want to be a burden on the Elders. Tuesday was a pretty great day. We started out with a District meeting and we bore our testimonies and told why we decided to come on a mission. After DTM we went to lunch and right when we were finishing up a huge storm rolled in. By the time we got home it was pouring rain and hailing. Sister Soper had a doctors appointment on Tuesday because she thought she may have fractured her wrist. The appointment took 4 hours! It was a bit ridiculous. And her wrist isn't broken or fractured. So we get to go see a hand specialist this week. For dinner on Tuesday we got to eat with 6 or 7 YSA. And mom to answer your question, I still get fed every night. Wednesday we went down to Spanish Fork to help the Elders with a service project. So we followed them and they pulled up to a dairy farm. Yes the service project was to feed the cows! I helped scoop the grain into the truck but I would not go anywhere near the cows. I don't know why I can' t get over that fear. Then we had Zone Conference and we had an exciting announcement. Sis. Soper and I are now testing out the IPADS! President decided to tell us this news at the beginning of the conference so it was really hard paying attention to the training. But I did learn some really great stuff on how to be a better missionary. Thursday we went out contacting with one of the ward mission leaders and we had only a few people answer their doors. One of them told us that if we ever tried to come again they would turn us in for harassment. So that was a pretty interesting experience. Friday we had our IPAD training. We each have an IPAD mini and we share an Iphone. We found out that we are allowed to have a facebook account to stay connected with our investigators and we are supposed to teach lessons on them for a least an hour a day. SUPER CRAZY. I really like the convenience of the IPAD. It allows us to show Mormon messages, pull up general conference talks, and a lot more. Saturday we went out contacting with an Elders Quorum President. We could not find one of the apartments we were looking for and I had this feeling that we needed to go behind all the apartment buildings, and we found the one we were looking for. We were able to talk to this girl who is less-active and she said it was really nice hearing from us and knowing that someone cares. I love constantly having the holy ghost with me. Sunday was just a lot of meetings but it helped the fasting go by a lot faster. I am having such a great time and I can' t wait until the lessons start coming in and we are booked back to back. I know that the area has this potential. I hope every one is going to enjoy their summer and enjoy the company of one another. Maybe use the warm weather to reach out to those around you and be wonderful member missionaries. This is not a secret gospel, it is one that needs to be shared around the world. And sometimes all people need is an invite. Good luck with this challenge and I love you all!

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