Wednesday, May 22, 2013

week thinks I'm spoiled.

Okay so I am officially the happiest missionary alive. I now am serving in the Provo UT YSA 19th stake. Yes I get to cover 9 wards of just Young Single Adults! We cover 3 cities so our area is pretty big. We cover Mapleton, Springville, and South Provo. The cool thing about opening this area is it is an experiment that President is trying out. We have to rely so much on the Ward Mission Leaders because since we are just covering YSA we can't really go tracting. Which I am totally thrilled about. We have been able to go to the activities the stake puts on, like institute, sports night, and some BBQ's. In fact we are encouraged because lots of the people bring their non-Member and Less-active friends to them.
Wednesday I met Sister Soper and we get along very well! She reminds me a lot of Jessalyn actually. She has such a cool story. She is from Texas and she has only been a member for 2 years. Her dad is a priest for another religion so he had a hard time with her decision but she stayed strong. She was in the ROTC program down at Texas A&M. She is 25 so she really wants to be here. She said since her first discussion with the missionaries she knew she needed to go on a mission. The house we live in is amazing! We live with the Radfords. Brother Radford is the high councilor over the missionaries in the stake we cover, and they had their dream house built and had living quarters for missionaries put in. We still share a kitchen but its kind of nice because they told us not to worry about buying our own food. We have 2 bathrooms which makes getting ready nice.
As far as work in the area so far we are still working on it... There is a ward mission leader who has helped us out quite a bit already. He is a teacher at the MTC so he knows all about how missionary work needs to work now a days. The funny thing is, his name is Jefferson and he acts and dresses just like the Ostler boys. So if you can imagine working with someone like that, yeah its fun! I don't really know what else to tell you because I am still trying to figure everything out. Just to inform you I did not get an IPAD yet. Right now the district just south of us is testing them but president said hopefully by the end of the summer all the missionaries will have one. Love you all and I hope you are having fun with all of your adventures!

LOVE<3 Sister Kaylynn Harrison

                                          Guess who Kaylynn saw at transfers this week!

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