Monday, June 17, 2013

june 17....a week of miracles!

So this week has been truly incredible. But to start out on a fun note PDay was super fun this week. We decided that it would be fun to help me get over my fear of cows and so the Elders took us to a cow farm. I was so scared to even get close to one but I decided I was going to touch one. So yes I TOUCHED A COW! I was so scared! We also had a big water fight as a zone (cleared by the APs) and the park we did it at had the sprinklers on so we played football and kick ball in the sprinklers. This past week has been so hot!
We had some great lessons including two with our new investigators. We met them on Thursday and I could already tell that the are so ready for baptism! They are really good at asking questions because they really want to understand what they are getting themselves into. The day of our second lesson with them we got there a little early so our fellowshippers were not there yet but we went in and talked to them. Their roommate who is not a member either, started asking us questions about our missions. He asked us if we knew who we were going to marry and then jokingly told us that he wants to become mormon just so he could marry us! That's right I got proposed to on my mission. That is something I will never forget! 
On Saturday I got a call from my old companion and she said that she had someone for me to talk to. I was able to talk to George and Wendy(my investigators in Roosevelt) and they had just gotten married and George is getting baptized on July 6th! I am so happy for them. George told me that he wished I could be there for all this which just broke my heart. But I am so happy to be serving where I am now! Me and Sister Soper had a really cool experience on Sunday morning. We woke up and I was telling her about the dreams I just had and she told me that she had almost the exact same ones! That is companionship unity right there!! I was assigned to speak in one of the wards this week and I am so surprised at how well it went. I feel like I am becoming pro at public speaking! We had a house inspection this week and we got a perfect score! There has been a lot going on and I am starting to see more and more miracles occur. I love this work and I love that I have the spirit with me everyday to help lead and guide me in what I need to do for the people of the YSA 19th Stake! I was also surprised this week with 2 wonderful packages and a letter! I love getting letters because email time seems to be getting shorter! I love you all and I hope you know that this is seriously the best decision I have ever made!

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