Monday, April 29, 2013

week #6 "working it"

Okay before I even get started I must say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Mom and Dad and also Happy Adoption Summer! I did the calculations and it has been 3 years but it seems like so much longer! This week has been crazy busy with work! On Monday we got to meet with this couple that is super interested in hearing the message and they are ready for change. The house they are living in was trashed! And so we get to help them clean it. Later on Monday we went to visit a less active family and when we went there the power went out, so we got to teach them in the dark! Tuesday was a super fun busy day and I felt like a missionary, we attended mission prep again and I am sure we will continue to go every week because it is super helpful! After lunch we drove out to Neola and we visited with this lady we met a little while ago. Her horse just had a baby the night before so we got to go see it. It was super cute! We went and met with C (12 year old girl) and D (7 year old boy) and taught them the first lesson. C had a friend there and it seemed like she was even more interested in learning than the other kids. And then after dinner we got to teach B (12 year old boy) him and his brothers remind me so much of Jace and Kade that every time we go visit it make me miss them. Wednesday we did a ton of tracting and met lots of great members but didn't find anyone to teach. Then we got to go to the Indian Reservation with this native women who said she "really wants all her Lamenite people to get baptized!" So we are going to see if we can help her out with that. She said we are mainly going to have to do service to plant the seed and not seem pushy. I am looking forward to it! I also discovered on Wednesday that I am pretty sure I am allergic to dogs. I wasn't really having problems until we moved in with someone who has an indoor dog and my eyes felt like they were going to pop out of my head! Thursday we got to meet with S, she is 14 and knows so much about the gospel but her dad in Salt Lake doesn't want her to get baptized. We also had two other lessons that night. I love Thursdays because we are super busy and the work gets done! Friday started out great with a trip to Vernal to go to the temple. We got to do weekly planning and it was so awesome to see our list fill up finally. We were almost late to go visit G and W( the couple ready for change.) at the end of our lesson we invited G to pray and he said he wasn't ready, then Sister Smith told him why we pray and then he agreed to do it. When he got done he said he felt so peaceful and good! I love experiences like this! on Saturday we had interviews with the Mission President and it was so great to talk to him. He gave me some great advice and told me that I was a super quick learner. I joked with him about having me train after the 12 weeks of training is up and he said its definately a possibility. Yesterday I got to attend 3 sacrament meetings again and got to speak in one of them. I talked about missionary work( go figure)
I think my favorite thing about this week is seeing the people we are working with start to trust us. This week they all seemed more like friends than just people and they are all progressing so quickly. I also loved the fact that we stayed busy so I didn't have time to think about the bad.
I hope everyone is doing good, I love hearing from everyone each week and can't believe the big changes happening! Like the new bishopric! holy moly! and Jace's basketball game! I hope you are doing better Jace! I love you and hope to hear lots about this week!
LOVE Sister Harrison

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