Monday, April 1, 2013

week #1 waiting for pday

Well it has been a long wait for PDay. I have been wanting to email you for a long time because I have so much to tell you! The first day here was really hard. I felt like so much information was being thrown at me and I didn't have room to put it all in my brain. My companion didn't show up on time so I didn't actually get to meet her until dinner time. Her name is Sister Lyle, she is from a little town on the boarder of Mexico and Texas. but she is so fun and knows so much! My district is seriously amazing, all of us are going to Provo except two who are going to Zimbabwe! The spirit is constantly everywhere and I love it! I have ran into some familiar faces while being here... I have seen Elder Creer, Hermana Burnham, Sister Klingler, Elder Bell and many more randoms from high school and efy! I do get to see Jessalyn quite a bit which makes things a little easier! I have great teachers and on day two we started being teachers ourselves. I have taught 4 different investigators and each one is so different! I also got a pretty fun calling, I was made branch music coordinator because I am the only one that knows how to play piano. I am actually auditioning with the song I played at my farewell to maybe play in the fireside this Sunday! Because Easter is this Sunday we are probably having an apostle come speak to us! I seriously love it here at the MTC! It sounds like everything is going pretty great at home, I am glad the ward carnival went well and it sound like mom had a pretty crazy week! I am so proud to call you all my family! I brag about you, all the time!! I miss you like crazy but at the same time it feels like such a blessing to be here right now ready and willing to serve the Lord! Kade, I think about what you said at my setting apart all the time, let me tell you, you really have to rely on the scriptures here! Summer to answer your questions, we study from
8am-9pm with a few breaks for eating food. And for church all the sister go to the gym and then we have sacrament after that in one of the class rooms. Jace you would love it here! The food is yummy and there is so much of it!! I am happy to hear you are doing high jump but just dont grow to much okay! Dad I am sure you are super busy with work all the time like normal but I loved the email. I have gotten a few letters this week that have made my day, I got one from Camry Balero, Melissa Anderson and a package from the Mortensens with an annoucement to anna's baptism! I really love hearing from everyone and mom the Dear Elder thing works really well and I get your letters everyday! Love you all and hope you know that! I will send pictures a little later because the computers don't have an SD slot! but the have something in the book store I am going to buy. Well my computer is about to time out soon so I will hear from you all later!!:)

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