Tuesday, April 23, 2013

week #5 answers

This is Kaylynn's mom and I keep posting on this blog for her.
This week I sent her a list of questions and this is how she answered:
What do you do for daily exercise?
we usually play soccer or basketball as a district
Is there anything you are really struggling living without?
My pointe shoes! haha jk, I wish I had more piano music!
Are you giving yourselves gold stars? (this is the way we challenged our missionaries to celebrate their successes)
I put one at the end of each day in my journal if I feel like I earned one that day
Which shoes do you wear most often?
 I honestly switch my shoes so often but I like the coral colored ones the best.
do you need a hair cut yet?  is there someone in your wards who cuts hair?
 HECK NO!! I am not going to cut it while I am on my mission
What do you eat for breakfast?
 cereal or toast and eggs
Is there still snow on the ground?
it finally all melted
how are you BEING a good companion?
I try to be patient and understand her needs
do you get letters from anyone in our extended family?
 I got one from Rhonda and that's it
what's an interesting fact about the city you live in?
There is not even a walmart here but there is an expansion of Utah State
what's your district leader like?
 Elder Allal is awesome! He is from France he is about 5'4'' and hilarious but he also know that work needs to get done because we are on the lords time and we are his representatives.
What fun things do you do on p-day?
 Most Pdays we get to play lots of sports and email!
Do you ever see your mission president and his wife?
I have only ever seen them the night I left the MTC
Where do you think you will get to be on mothers day to call home? 
 I think I might get to skype I still have to figure it out but I will let you know the plan next week
How often do members feed you? We get fed dinner every night by members and we feed our selves or get Free Meals from resturants for lunch and breakfast
does anyone in your wards want to take pictures of you and email them to me?
 I can probably make that happen:)
Here is part of her letter this week:
I can't not even believe that its is already Monday again! Time is moving much to quickly and I can't even blink or I miss something! This week was super fun and crazy! We woke up to more snow Tuesday which is super crazy! Wednesday we got a call from the sisters serving in the next stake over and they needed to do splits because one of them was sick and they didn't want to have to cancel appointments. So I got to spend the day with Sister Reynolds. She is from Portland OR and she attended BYUI. We are so much alike and got along super well! She is seriously amazing and when I see the kind of missionary she is that is how I want to be. Friday Morning we got to go to the Vernal Temple. It was beautiful! I seriously felt the spirit so strong and I just received so many answers.  We then went and did weekly planning and it was really cool to finally see our week filling up with appointments! Sunday I got to speak in two sacrament meetings. One of them we were asked in advance and the other one they just called us up. But it is incredible how the Lord really does speak through us because I don't even remember what I said. And this morning we got to move for hopefully the last time because I am sick of packing. All is well and I love my mission. I know that when I start to get discouraged all I have to do is turn to the Lord for help. I love the book of Mormon and the guidance it gives me everyday. I hope all of you are feeling the blessing flow because I see so many blessing everyday that I don't know what to do with all of them. Love you all and hope you continue to be member missionaries!:)

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