Monday, April 1, 2013

week #2 heading out!

Okay so I am headed out into the feild tomorrow and we wont get a Pday until next week so we are aloud to email today. This past week has been pretty incredible and hard. I had quite the emotional break down on Wednesday due to stress because here in the MTC they tell you all the time to teach by the spirit and that he will put words into your mouth. I felt like this wasn´t happening to me and I got really frustrated. But then I relized that it was happening I just wasn´t recognizing it. It is really incredible how quickly Heavenly Father answers our prayers. Also last week I auditioned to play the song and I got in I will be playing today at the Senior Couple Missionary Meeting. I got to go to the temple on Thursday and it was amazing. The Provo temple is HUGE!! On Friday we had ¨ In-Feild Orientation" and guess who taught one of my classes?! Elder Christensen from the District!! It was so amazing and all the teachers that day were incredible. I am seriously amazed with how fast the past 2 weeks have gone and yes dad I do feel like a real missionary now!:) Two of our missionaries left to Zimbabwe at 5 o'clock yesterday! Yesterday was Easter and so Happy Easter, we got to have a sacrament meeting as the whole MTC, that over 3,000 people getting the sacrament all at once!! We also thought we were going to have an apostle but it was a Presiding Bishop from France. It was an amazing talk and then for the Sunday night devotional we had Sister Sheri Dew!! Wow what a great and powerful women. She is so inspirational! I got a package from Jackie with some delicious brownies and let me tell you my district enjoyed those very much! Well the spirit is strong, the church is true and the book is blue!!:) Have a great day and I love hearing from all of you! Jace keep up the athletic famousness!:) Summer keep up with physics:) Dad have fun with work and don't feel like a failure:) Mom keep making my day with the Dear Elders:) Kade have fun in Arizona and party hard!:) but don't have to much fun without me! Love you all!!:)

-Sister Kaylynn Brianna Harrison

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  1. Hi Kaylynn,

    So I could hear your enthusiastic voice when I read this! So glad you are finding enjoyment, even if it's a little stressful, and staying positive. Congrats on getting to play "the song". Were you playing it on the piano? I didn't know you played any instrument. Looking forward to hearing more from you!


    Amy (Woolf)