Monday, April 15, 2013

Week #4...Members make a difference.

 I have so much to tell you! so last Tuesday the mission house inspectors came by and they walked in and knew instantly that we should be moved. Our apartment was rough and our house smelled bad. The smell was making me sick and I wanted out of there so bad! We got to do more tracting and ran into more members... they are everywhere! Wednesday was an incredible day! We have lots of kid investigators and so we decided to find some visual aids and games for them to make learning a little more fun! We got to meet the stake YW President and she took us out for milkshakes. While we were eating we got a phone call that was an answer to our prayers. They finally found us a new place to live.( the apt they were in was not a good situation) We are living with the Taylors. They are an old couple with a big house. I feel totally spoiled living here. The District Leader calls us Princesses now (Dad you were right!)
We had a fun dinner appointment with a family we see quite often. Sister J( the mom) served a mission and loves the idea of helping us as much as possible. We had a lesson that night with a 10 year old girl who can't quite decide if  being baptized is what she really wants. Its really hard to help her out because she has such a strong testimony. That night we had a meeting with all the Ward Mission Leaders and it was amazing how much they help us!
Thursday I definitely earned a gold star!( I put a star in my journal on the days I feel like I really earned them) We had Zone training and car inspections in Vernal. During our meeting we talked about how President McCune is giving us less rules to follow. So now we can listen to any kind of uplifting music and not just lds artists! We also found out that each missionary is going to be getting a tablet! Thats right!! I am so excited for that, it will give my shoulder a break because we won't be carrying our scriptures everywhere now! After that we headed back to Roosevelt to start being Missionaries again. We had 4 appointments! All of them went really well and I feel like the people here progress faster than we can teach! Its seriously incredible!
Friday we decided to do a car fast because on Thursday we used 107 of our miles and we only get 800 a month. We are probably going to have to talk to the mission president about making it a bigger number because we have used about 600 already and its only the 15th!  So we got to walk everywhere and luckly the weather cooperated! it was 75 degrees and sunny all day. My companion got sun burnt. After lunch we decided to meet some families we have been hearing a lot about. The first family we talked to loved seeing us and the second was not interested at all. We got back a little to early so we decided to do some tracting around the neighborhood we live in. We knocked on the door of this amazing family. The dad is Greek Orthodox and the mom has no religion, they have 3 year old twin girls who are super cute ( they look like michelle stoddards kids) They let us come in and share a message, The dad said that they really aren't interested but they love hearing from us and said we could stop by anytime. Hopefully if we continue visiting their hearts will be opened. Saturday we did some tracting and were pretty successful. You are probably wondering what makes a day successful, well if we are invited in and get to share a message with them, thats what make it successful. At 4:00 we had a baptism. This 10 year old  boy was baptized and his dad was rebaptized! The spirit was super strong and amazing! Saturday night we got to teach a 10 year old boy with autism. He has such a fun spirit with him and it was fun teaching him. After our lesson we did some more tracting in an area we didn't realize was ours.  One of the families we ran into gave us 20 pounds of moose and elk meat! Yesterday (sunday) was great, we attended two wards and it was fast and testimony meeting. After church we did more tracting, I am seriously surprised how much tracting we do! But we found some one who wants to take the discussions! He was taught by the Elders awhile ago but his mom said he would probably learn better from us sisters! For dinner we went to the family with twins who is not interested and we had a great time with them. I am sure they will come around some day because I could see him as a mission president!
Utah weather is a lot like Idaho, today we woke up to 4 inches of snow...even though it was 75 degrees two days ago! Over all I feel like I am doing pretty good. There has been a few times that I have felt home sick but as soon as I get to work I forget about it.  I love you all and miss you! I have a request for everyone. PLEASE be member missionaries, with out you the work does not get done!

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