Monday, June 30, 2014

Jun 30...weeks are going too fast!

Last Monday was a really good day again lesson wise. We were scheduled to have an appointment every 30 minutes and we didn't know if we were going to be able to do it, but we made it through and it went by so fast. The family we ate dinner with gave us two names of non members to visit.

Tuesday went by super fast too! We had MLC ( mission leadership council ) from 9-3:30. It didn't even seem like that long of a meeting because everything we were talking about was so amazing. Right now are mission is down in baptisms and president wants us to work harder on that. Something he said is that him and the brethren have faith in our mission. They doubled the number of missionaries so the numbers could double too, and they haven been so he set a mission goal of 150 baptisms a month. So we get to help the missionaries work harder and have more faith so that as a mission we can hopefully get to 200 baptisms a month by the end of the year. After MLC we ran to the mission office to grab some stuff for some sisters in our zone and then we headed to the young women's president house to talk to her about some non member girls in her ward that attend some times. She committed to inviting all of them to hear the lessons! Then we headed to dinner. After dinner we decided to do some contacting of the families we were given at Mondays dinner. We were able to catch the mom of one of them home and she said she would set up a time with her son and his non member friend for us to start teaching. Then we went and talked with our investigator that got baptized on Saturday and set up her program for the baptism. We also got the mom to say a prayer, she says she hasn't said a prayer out loud since she was 17. The daughter had never heard her pray so it was a great experience. We went and dropped the program list to the ward mission leader and he told us that his 11 year old foster daughter wants to take the lessons. So we have a new investigator!

Wednesday was a day of miracles. I think The Lord is realizing how hard we want to work and he is letting the people flow in! In the morning we got to do our quarterly temple trip, which was a great experience. I think it would be so amazing to be a temple worker after my mission. Then we had a lesson after that we had to hurry off to before we could get a picture in front of the temple. The lesson was awesome. We taught about the Book of Mormon and it was our second lesson with C***. We read through the introduction even though he had already started reading last week. As we were reading he asked us why in the world we didn't have him start there. I guess he loved how powerful the introduction is. After that we had a meeting with the zone leaders to discuss our zone training meetings, and we planned them out. Then we were supposed to do exchanges but we rescheduled it for next week so that we could plan for ZTM. We contacted a lot of the day but it turned out to be a blessing. Our chapel tour that night had two investigators and some recent converts and less actives. We are going to start teaching both the investigators that were there. One is the ward mission leaders foster daughter and the other is a little girl that the senior couple has been working with who just turned 9 so they have to turn her over to us. The rest of the evening we spent contacting in the condos and we had a hard time finding the right building numbers. We walked the whole thing twice before we found the apartment we were looking for. We knocked the door and the girl who answered it said she was living there with her non member boyfriend. We asked if we could come teach the lessons and she said she would love it. We also talked to another non member who said he would talk to his wife about a good time for us to come over.

Thursday was the first of 2 ZTM's. The training went really well. We talked a lot about setting goals and making plans that were in harmony with our purpose as missionaries. I really hope this training is going to help the missionaries and that we will be able to reach the goal of 150 baptism for the month of July as a mission. I know with faith and diligence the Lord will make it possible. After ZTM we had a meeting to train the District Leaders. And after that we had a lesson that was different than most. It was with an investigator named M***. We have been trying to figure out what kind of background she comes from and we have heard from a few members of the ward that she comes from a polygamist family. Sister Coleman finally came out and just asked. M*** seemed a little shocked that we would ask and I guess she has been afraid to tell us because she was scared we wouldn't want to come back. I guess in the past that is what the missionaries have done. But not me and Sister Coleman. We love her! Her family is pretty active in their church and her grandpa was the prophet of her church. We are just going to be teaching the basic principles and help her feel the spirit so that she can see the difference.  That evening we had another really good chapel tour for the other stake. There was a little boy that will be turning 8 soon and so he wanted to see the baptismal font.

Friday we had our second ZTM and it went well also. We talked about the same things that we did in the first one, just with a different group of missionaries. The rest of Friday was pretty uneventful. We did our weekly planning and we also cleaned up our area books on the iPads. There were a lot of people on their that we had no idea who they were. We ran to the mission office to grab some stuff for the sisters in our zone and then made trips to drop it off to them. We also had dinner with this couple whose daughter we are trying to teach. They are an older couple and their daughter is in her 40's. She was supposed to be there but didn't make it because her boyfriend wanted to take her out to dinner.
Saturday was awesome! We had a baptism in the afternoon for a 12 year old girl named A*** whose family is very less active. It was so cool to see that the parents were feeling the spirit during the whole thing. A***was glowing with the happiness of the gospel. That night was also amazing! I got to spend the evening at the temple watching people I taught get their endowments and get sealed. The spirit was so strong and they were so happy. Especially their little girl. She was excited that her family would be able to be together forever! What a great opportunity we all have. As we follow God's path we can experience eternal joy!
Sunday was supposed to be busy but lots of appointments fell through. We also had some problems with our iPads that we finally got figured out. It had deleted all our investigators' records. But the AP's told us how to get them all back. It was a long process but it worked.
This week we have some fun plans for the 4th of July. We are going to be walking in the Provo City parade and then we will go out and visit people until 5:00. At 5:00 we have to be at the chapel with our district until 9:00. We will be watching Frozen!!!!! YAY! I am so excited to finally watch the movie everyone has been raging about!

Sister Coleman and Harrison love apples. They attribute that to being from Washington

This missionaries appreciates a chocolate covered cinnamon bear

A family sealed in the temple

A family that helps the missionaries alot!

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