Monday, June 30, 2014

Jun week

Happy 15 month mark! I can't believe it! Only 101 more days until I come home!

Tuesday was such crazy weather, and it happened to be the day I was on exchanges so I didn't have the option of getting warmer clothes. It was below 55 degrees all day, and it was pouring rain! Luckily we did have a few minutes to drive back to my apartment really quick to get a coat. I was crazy and didn't think to grab an umbrella too. So even with my jacket I got drenched. But the lessons we had were super awesome. All of them were about prophets and the Book of Mormon. I love teaching super simple and powerful lessons because it helps my testimony grow stronger each time we teach. I am grateful that God loves us so much that he gives us prophets to receive modern day revelation to bless us and guide us on our path. I also know God loves us because he gave us scripture to study. I know with all my heart that as we read the Book of Mormon we can grow closer to our Heavenly Father.

Wednesday morning we had to exchange back a little earlier than expected because the sister that Sister Coleman was with got sick with the stomach flu and we had a lesson at 11:00. Our lesson was with this guy that just moved here from Georgia and he has been a member his whole life but at the age of 16 he left the church and went down the wrong path. He moved in with his friends here in Orem that are active members of the church and he wants to gain a testimony of the things that our church believes. So we are going to be teaching him the lessons because he really has no memory of anything he was taught as a kid. I think it shows the importance of staying active and studying daily so that we can not only remember what we have been taught, but so that we can gain more knowledge about what we are taught. At DTM that day we talked about how the Book of Mormon answers the questions of the soul. Our district leader had us write down some soul questions and then we split up into teams to find scriptures from the Book of Mormon to answer the questions. It was amazing some of the scriptures we were able to find. Later that night we taught two really good lessons to some less actives. The first one was with the Smith family. We taught the word of wisdom because that is one of the biggest things holding them back from the temple. It was a really powerful lesson and they committed to quit smoking! The next lesson was with this lady who really wants to come back and help her family become more centered on the gospel. So we taught about the Book of Mormon. She was really excited to start reading and we got her a Book of Mormon Stories to read with her kids.

Thursday was exchange day again. This time I got to stay in the area, which was a little stressful because I have been in other areas every other day for the past 3 weeks, so I really don't know my area very well. But this gave me the opportunity to get to know it, especially since we didn't have any set appointments. I got to do a lot of contacting to set up appointments with people I haven't meet but Sister Coleman has. But it ended up being a great day! I was able to set up 3 appointments for later in the week. And 2 of them are new families to start working with. Our teaching pool has been filling up pretty fast lately and it is keeping us happy and busy. We were able to teach one person. We stopped by her house to see how she was doing because it had been a couple weeks since we had seen her, we asked if we could come in and read the scriptures with her. This was actually really cool. We ended up just reading where she was at, it was a war chapter in Alma. It talked about how the armies were as the sand of the sea and how even though there was a lot of destruction the nephites were strengthened because of their faith. Her husband is in the military and so this was a comfort to her. It also made her more excited to go to the temple so they can have those extra blessings and protection. That evening we did our weekly chapel tour and only people from one of the ward councils showed up, but this ended up being a blessing because there was a youth conference thing going on and it ended up getting in the way of our chapel tour. For our coordination meeting  we were given some names of people to start teaching. We had about 20 minutes after coordination until we had to be home and so we decided to go stop by one of the families. We were able to find them at home and set up an appointment to start teaching their twin girls who are 8 and half and not baptized.

Friday we traded back to our companions. Our afternoon was spent doing our weekly planning and Sister Coleman was kind of sick so we let her rest. After dinner we got to go to the wedding of a recent convert that Sister Coleman and Sister Nucci worked with. It was a civil wedding but they are planning on getting sealed in the temple next year.

Saturday morning was so much fun! We got to help out with the "strawberry days" parade. By 9:30 it was already hot! We headed out along the parade route 20 minutes before everyone else so we could hand out newspapers about the parade. By the time we made it to the end the parade had caught up to us. The people we helped out were going to car pool is back to the beginning but they only had a small SUV for our whole zone. Sister Coleman and I wanted to see the floats anyways so we walked back up to the beginning. It was such a fun day and made me excited for the 4th of July. After the parade we did our studies, we did them out in the Cornish's back yard, because they have this cute little pavilion out there. The rest of the day was spent contacting. We didn't have much success but we at least were obedient and tried.

Sunday was a busy day! It started at 7:30 and ended at 9:30 and it was non stop go, go, go. First we had coordination and then ward council. Then we went to sacrament meeting to sit with some of our less actives and they didn't show. Then we went to a youth sacrament meeting. This was really interesting. So the stake had youth conference all weekend and they decided to have a testimony meeting on Sunday for all the youth. So instead of going to church with their families they all came to their own sacrament meeting. We went to go listen to their testimonies but the stake president asked us if we would be willing to share our testimonies at the beginning. So we got to share our testimonies about the Book of Mormon. After that we had a lesson with our investigators the K****s and we finally got the kids to commit to baptism. Then the dad got a concerned look on his face so I asked him what was on his mind. He told us that he would have to start going to church and make some changes so he could be the one to baptize them. YAY! This family is progressing so quickly. Then we went and taught a new family. It was a quick lesson about the restoration and we set up a time to come back and teach another one. Then we went to our other stake's youth fireside about missionary work. We got to give talks on when we decided to come out on a mission and why, what we did to prepare, and shared an experience about our mission that has helped our testimony. Then we ran to dinner and the family we ate dinner with had just gotten back about 2 years ago from being mission presidents in Russia. So they told us all about their experiences out there and it made me very grateful to be serving in Utah. The we had a lesson with the 8 and half year old twins. They are talkers. We asked the parents if they were sealed in the temple and they said no but they are working with the bishop to get to that goal. The wife had just taken her endowments out about 3 months ago. We are going to be working with the husband to help him prepare. Then the last appointment was with this 16 year old girl who is so ready to be baptized. She has taken the missionary discussions about 7 times or so. Before now she hasn't felt ready to be baptized but now she does. She had some really deep but good questions and luckily the fellowshippers know a lot more than we did and were able to help.
I also found out this week that some of my less-actives from south Orem are getting sealed in the temple on the 28th of this month and they want me and Sister Funaki to come! So I get to go to the temple twice this month!
I love you all and I promise I am working hard and I am not getting trunky!

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