Monday, June 2, 2014

Jun 2...this week

This week was a little different than most. It is a new adventure, with an awesome companion, in an awesome area. My new companion is Sister Coleman from the Tri-cities. The reactions we get at dinner are funny, and they all wonder if we knew each other before hand. But as one of the senior missionaries said, "we had to travel hundreds of miles to meet each other and become friends." Sister Coleman is so fun, and such a hard working missionary. Something that I already love about her is that she eats healthy and loves running! My area is so much fun. The members here want to help with missionary work, that is so key!

On Monday we actually had a really fun district activity for PDAY and it was Memorial Day. We decided to bike from Provo up to Bridal Vail Falls, we only made it about 7 miles or so and then had to turn around due to time. It was so hot outside and the sun was beaming, so a few of us got sunburnt, me included, but it is all a tan now. The rest of the night was saying goodbyes to families since I got transferred on Wednesday. I first said goodbye to the Petersen's. I am going to do everything I can to come down next year to their sealing. Their family definitely has a special place in my heart. I know that I won't loose connection with them. 

Tuesday was more goodbyes and lessons. We actually had a really full day. We worked at the temple booth. After that we went to this yummy pizza place with one of the Relief Society presidents, it was amazing. Then we had a lesson with J*** and she was sad I was leaving because I had been there the whole time she was having lessons. But we are going to keep in touch over Facebook and she said she is going to invite me when she gets sealed! The good bye I said on Tuesday night was probably the hardest. It was the C***s. The 2 year old little girl would not let go of me. She really didn't want me to leave, and there was lots of tears. After we said our good byes and we started walking down the street she yelled "Harrison" and came and gave me a big bear hug. Her mom eventually had to come and peel her off of me. I ended up crying the rest of the way home.

Wednesday came so fast and we headed to the transfer chapel in the morning. I got my new companion Sister Coleman. As sister training leaders we waited to make sure all of our sisters had all their stuff and had rides to their new areas. I got to my new area, settled in and then we got to work. The stakes that I cover in this area do something so cool. Every week they hold a chapel tour. So members come with less actives and non members so that we can teach all of them about the importance of going to church. We also have a senior couple for each of the stakes we cover. One of the couples, the Cornish's, are like grandparents to us missionaries. They are so willing to help us, feed us, and take care of us when we need it.

Thursday we decided to find more people to teach. A Relief Society President was kind enough to give us a huge list of sisters that are either less active or struggling. So we parked the car and walked around the ward to contact the sisters. We knocked at this one door hoping to find a lady named J***and ended up finding her friend who is a less active, she invited us back to teach her and J*** the lessons. We also had DTM on Thursday, my district is us sister training leaders, the zone leaders, the district leader and his new comp from the MTC and two spanish sister that are going home the same day as me. It's going to be a fun and uplifting transfer. Thursday was the day of big families. So first we ate dinner with this family that has 19 kids! Only 16 kids are still at home and out of the 19 only 2 are biologically theirs.They have fostered over 60 kids and they ended up adopting 17 of them. The 16 that were there were all under the age of 15. You would think it would be a total mad house, but these parents are amazing. The dad is a veteran from the army and the mom is a school teacher so they know about discipline and order. The second big family was a lesson that we taught that night. Granted it was two families but they all live under one roof. We taught the Restoration of the Gospel to 9 kids. It was noisy and everyone had answers. It was fun and definitely different.

Friday was an interesting day. Ever since Wednesday Sister Coleman was telling me that as sister training leaders we don't deal with very much drama. Then Friday we both had an eye opening. We got a call saying that their was some sisters that needed help in their companionship. So we finished up lunch and headed out to go see how we could help. We ended up doing an emergency exchange for a few hours so that we could talk to each of the sisters. It was interesting because I was the one that went back to our area. I almost couldn't get there because I have only been in the area for 2 days. We also got informed about some other sister that we needed to help. 

Saturday was a busy day but not full of teaching appointments. Sometimes this can be discouraging to missionaries, but not me! We got to fill our day with service. We helped a ward to a clean up, the we help the senior missionary couple prepare for their daughters bridal shower, went to a baptism of a part member family, we drove some sisters down to a baptism, and had dinner with the family with 19 kids again. Then we finally got to do some contacting. We were able to find some people home that scheduled with us for later in the week. We also finally did our weekly planning since we had some sister training leader responsibilities on Friday. We set some really good personal and companionship goals that are going to help us become better missionaries.

Sunday seemed like it was never going to end, especially before dinner. This fast Sunday was harder than most, it might be because it is getting hot, or something. At dinner me and Sister Coleman ate so much that it made us sick. We are still paying for it today. It didn't help that the dinner was so super delicious.

I am loving everything about this transfer all ready and I can't believe it is already June! I better start working even harder, because time is getting faster. 
Love you all
Love, Sister Harrison #2

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