Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Jun 9...this week!

This week was so busy, went by so fast, it was a bit exhausting and was so much fun! I am late getting to emails because we went on a hike this morning so that we didn't die of heat this afternoon.
Tuesday we had MLC (mission leader council) from 9-3:30. This is where all the sister training leaders and zone leaders come together and are taught by President McCune. It was a long meeting but it was so helpful. We had to take really good notes because everything that we learn we then have to go and train our zones. Two of the main things that were trained on is how to do a chapel tour and how to teach the Book Of Mormon. Both of the role plays were so powerful and I hope I am teaching my people like that. I was asked to be part of a survey that only 5 sisters from our mission would be part of. They asked a few questions about sister training leaders. It was a little hard answering them because by this point I had only been one for 5 days and had no idea what to expect. Our evening was full of appointments. We had one at 4:30 and we taught the Plan of Salvation. The husband had lots of really good questions and they both opened up about wanting to change habits in their life so they can be sealed. At 5:00 we had dinner with a recent convert and we were able to share a lesson with them after wards. They have been struggling with some stuff health wise and the husband has been out of work, so we shared the Mormon message about good things to come. At 6:30 we went and taught this family who is preparing to go to the temple next month to get sealed. They are so ready! We were a little stumped what we were going to do the rest of the evening but we got a call from a relief society president and we felt like we need to go stop by her house. We started talking to her about a sister in the ward that agreed to the missionary lessons but is moving on Saturday. The RS president called her and we ended up going over there that night to teach her. We taught about the Book Of Mormon. It was a super powerful lesson, she really knew the importance of reading it everyday after teaching about it.

Wednesday was also a busy day. We had an appointment at 10:00 that fell through so we went and dropped by this one guys house to give him some dvd's that he asked for. He has a non-member friend that just found out he has cancer and so the dvd's talked about finding hope through Jesus Christ. After that we had a meeting with the two sets of zone leaders that we work with so that we could decide how to train each of the zones. After that we got to do exchanges. Since we had a lot going on the next few days we ended up only doing like a 7 hour exchange instead of 24 hours. But sometimes you got to make things fit. I went to the Spanish sister's area since I am still new in my own area. We tried doing service but the sister wasn't home. So we did finding instead. I also now have the responsibility to check the iPads and make sure they are being used obediently. The sister I was on exchanges with is from Salt Lake and she went to Murray high school and knows David Archuleta. It was so fun being able to just observe for the day since I can't speak any Spanish.

Thursday was our first of 2 zone training meetings for the week. It went really well. I was so nervous but the elders let us off pretty easy on what they wanted us to teach. We got to be in charge of the chapel tour. Ever since we have been really focusing on these my testimony of church has been strengthened so much. The buildings we have to meet in our so significant. They truly are blessings that we have been given. After ztm we headed to the mission office to do some stuff. The we got to help out with what a stake called the "Alma Academy". There was a bunch of youth that are 17+ that have their mission calls or are thinking about a mission. We got to role play for them and then watch them role play and help them. At the end we did a Q&A session and we were asked some pretty good questions. After dinner we had a chapel tour and only 2 people showed up. That night we had to skip our coordination meeting because we had a lesson with an investigator that was supposed to get baptized on Saturday but she moved it back to the 28th. She had her baptism interview that day anyway. 

Friday we had our second zone training meeting. It was a lot different than the first but it was good also. I really don't remember what else happened on Friday sadly.

Saturday we got to do service for our land lords. After service we went to lunch with the senior missionary couple and coordinated the work in the stake. After dinner we tried really hard to get in some lessons. We said a prayer and told Heavenly Father we had the faith that he could lead us to people to teach. After the prayer we started finding people home and we were able to teach. I am so grateful that God listens and answers are prayers.

Sunday was AMAZING! We had a really good lesson. Our day started at 5:45 in the morning because we had to be to a priesthood leadership meeting at 7. After that we went home and studied, and then we went to an 11:00 church hoping we would see some of our investigators. The ward went on a trek over the weekend and our 13 and 15 year old investigators went! I guess the testimony meeting was super spiritual. During sacrament they had people share their experiences of the trek. Our investigators were there with their whole family! We then went and had a lesson with them right after church and both me and my companion had this super strong feeling that we needed to invite the whole family to be baptized. So we prayed really hard for the courage and faith to do it. So we taught the word of wisdom and then we brought up baptism. We asked the kids first if they have been praying about it. They said they hadn't really so we invited them to do so and then we turned to mom and asked her. I am thinking she had never been asked before because she was a little surprised. She finally agreed that she would pray about it. After the lesson when I got in the car the tears started coming. The spirit was so strong and I know this family needs the gospel. I know the kids want it, I think they are just scared to disappoint mom who is a practicing catholic. After that we were able to make some really good contacts in the evening. We contacted this one family who supposedly comes from a polygamist background and the wife's dad is in the hospital. We asked if we could do anything for them and they asked us if we could pray with them right then. It was so amazing. Then we went and contacted this one lady who the senior couple has been trying to get a hold of for a while and we felt really impressed to go contact her. She was home and she set up an appointment to meet with us! 

I am staying plenty busy with work in the area and being a sister training leader. We are in finding mode right now and we are getting a lot of referrals from members which is so awesome! 
I love being a missionary and I seriously can not believe that I have less that 4 months left!!! I am nervous to come home but I know there are great adventures waiting for me.

Love, Sister Kaylynn Harrison

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