Monday, April 7, 2014

Mar 31...out of the ordinary

So this week we had a lot happen out of the ordinary.
Tuesday we had president interviews and those were amazing like always. The funny thing is president was running super behind schedule and so a lot of the missionaries had to cancel some of their appointments. Sister McCune's birthday was on Monday and so I made a cake for president interviews since she usually comes. It was fun to just sit and talk with her. It was such a beautiful day on Tuesday, it probably got up to almost 70 degrees. We got a text that night saying we disappointed a family, which we were super confused about. We found out the person in charge of dinners was texting the wrong number and so we were never told we had a dinner appointment. We found out who the family was and went over to their house and apologized. The dad looked at me and pointed at his daughter and said "do you know her?" I looked over and it was a girl that did a mini mission last summer and she had come with me and my companion for 3 days. It was so crazy thinking that it was almost a year ago, because it felt like 3 months ago.
Wednesday we had exchanges with the sister training leaders and the weather was a lot different from the day before. It decided to snow and hail and rain all day long. Luckily I got to go to Springville and be in a car area for the day. When I got back to my area that night my companion and the other sister training leader were soaked!
Thursday my companion woke up with a cold due to the crazy weather she was in the day before and so she did a lot of sleeping. Luckily we didn't have too many appointments during the day. The lesson we had that night was awesome. It was with this awesome family who 3 of the family members, the mom and 2 boys, just got baptized and dad got re-activated to baptize them. The way we are doing the new member lesson is trying to have them teach us. We taught the plan of salvation and it was amazing to see how much they remember and how much they have learned from going to church and reading their scriptures.
Friday we finally got the elders who have a car to let us borrow their bikes and so it was fun trying to ride a bike in a skirt. The first 5 minutes of riding Sister Wang got her skirt stuck in between the tire and the break. We had a lot of appointments set to keep us busy all day and all but one cancelled and the one that didn't cancel decided not to show up for his appointment so we decided we would go contact a less-active family. We had stopped at a chapel to go use the bathroom and when we came out there was this guy that rode up on his bike and asked if there was a bishop inside. After talking to him for awhile we found out he is from out of state and he is here working and hasn't been paid yet and so he is homeless at the moment and was looking for a place to stay. We finally got ahold of someone from one of the bishoprics to come help us. As we were waiting with him we started talking about Jesus Christ and he has a very strong belief in him. We started reading some scriptures from the Book of Mormon and he loved them, he started tearing up and told us how grateful he is for the Savior.
Saturday we went to go teach this one family and they were not home and so luckily we found some of our recent converts outside and asked if we could teach them instead and they were so excited that we had come. They are 8 and 9 year old boys. When we went in to teach them about the restoration they were awesome because they were able to tell us the story of Joseph Smith. Saturday night was the Women's Broadcast and it was AMAZING! I have never felt so loved by my Heavenly Father! It also made me miss mom, Jessalyn and Summer a lot! But I know that next Women's Broadcast we can be together for it! It made me really excited for General Conference coming up next week!
I am loving every minute of my mission and I love being able to help others come closer to Christ!
Love you all!

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