Monday, April 14, 2014

Apr 14...Sunshine in my soul

The weather this week was wonderful, so wonderful that on Wednesday I got a nice sunburn. It was Spring Break here this week and so a lot of people were out of town and those who were home were at the park or playing outside. This made contacting and having lessons this week a little harder. But we got to walk around and enjoy the weather while talking to people on the streets.
Tuesday we were surprised by the other Sisters in our district with lunch. It was so delicious and one of the sisters gave me advice on how to relieve stress. It was amazing because she pointed out that our stress all starts with our thoughts and turns into feelings and then to actions. Then we had appointments for the rest of the night. We ate dinner at one of the Relief Society's houses and her family reminds me of our family, especially the food. Mom I miss your cooking! The weather Tuesday night was so great that I didn't even need a jacket or anything! I am so excited for the summer.
Wednesday was a different kind of fun. We didn't have any appointments until later that night and so we decided to try and find new investigators. I think the temperature was 75 all day! We got a list of unbaptized kids over the age of 8 from a primary president so we went and knocked on all their doors. Our result... No one was home! But because of that we were walking around that day for about 4 hours and I got sunburnt. Why do I have to be so white? After dinner we got to help fill Easter eggs for the stake activity that was this weekend. That night our lessons went really well. We taught the Petersen's who are a recent convert family and we love them and they love us so much that we loose track of time really easily when teaching them. But they have progressed so fast in the short time they have been baptized.
Thursday we did more knocking on doors out in the beautiful sun. And we had no success once again. That night we were able to teach a good lesson about the word of wisdom and then go to a coordination meeting.
Friday we had a lot of lessons planned and they ALL cancelled! how does that happen!
Saturday we got to go help out with a stake's 5K and Easter Egg hunt and then we got to go to the family history center and learn about how to help our investigators with family history work. Then we went with the other sisters and did yard work for a lady with cancer. So our day was full of service which is fun!
Sunday was sooo cold again. We spent a lot of our day in the chapel for meetings. And we also had a lesson with one of our wonderful investigators.
This week was pretty simple and some what uneventful besides the wonderful sun!:)
Love, Sister Harrison

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