Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Apr 28...the things we do for missionary work

This week was slow at the beginning and then just got faster and faster. Monday-Wednesday we got to stay at home because my companion was sick. She had an infection in her gums that made her lip really swollen. It did not look fun and so I let her sleep a lot. While she was sleeping I read the scriptures and Jesus the Christ and when I needed a break I decided to color. I thought of quotes I like and drew pictures to go along with them. I will send a picture of them. Also this week me and my companion decided to start doing a miracle a night, so we write a miracle or two that happened that day on a post-it note and we hang it on our door. It's been really awesome to see all the miracles that God puts into our life everyday. We also wanted to unify our companionship more and so everyday we decided to coordinate our outfits so we matched. It was so fun and lots of people asked if we meant to do it.

Tuesday we were able to go and teach one lesson. We taught the less-active named Jessica who has a goal of going to the temple with her husband. We taught the gospel of Jesus Christ. As I was talking about repentance I felt prompted to talk about the importance of forgiving our self. She said that was exactly what she needed to hear. Then we went to the dentist right after that because the swelling in my companions lip went all the way up to her eyes. The dentist said he didn't know why it happened but said that she needed to sleep with her head elevated. So we sent a mass text to our district asking for extra pillows. The Zone leaders brought us some pillows and also some ice cream and a chocolate bunny.

Wednesday we went and saw the recent convert who is 94. Teaching her is so much fun. Every time we go there she asks us who we are but she always remembers what we taught the time before. When we teach her we start with a song that relates to what we will talk about and then we teach the principle and close with a prayer. Usually the lesson only lasts 20-30 minutes. After that we went to the chapel to do Facebook and I was able to Skype with Corbin who was struggling with reading his scriptures and wanted some advice. I am so grateful for modern technology that allows me to do that. We also went and taught the Petersens. We talked about tithing and fasting. We also brought up family history and they want to do theirs so they can take the names to the temple. We are taking them to the family history center this week and hopefully we will be able to print off at least 5 names they can take to the temple. That night the sister training leaders called us to see if we needed anything because they were driving through Provo on their way back from Lehi. They were able to pick us up and take us home so we didn't have to walk 30 minutes home.

Thursday night was super busy. We went and taught a 9 year old girl who was baptized last year but doesn't come to church anymore because she has no support from home. She is interesting to teach because she is full of energy and very talkative. Then we went and taught Malachi who is our new investigator. He is 9 and has been wanting to get baptized for a long time but he said they haven't let him because his mom is not active. But he lives with grandma and grandpa who go to church every Sunday, so we are hoping we can get him prepared to be baptized next month. Our dinner couldn't feed us until 6:30 so we did as much teaching as we could before dinner because after dinner we had to go to our stake coordination meeting. Only one out of five ward mission leaders showed up which was kind of disappointing because we are finally getting work in the stake and we have no one to update. After dinner we had the couple that fed us run us home because the pollen in the air was burning my eyes so I went and put my glasses on. Then we head off to coordination

Friday I got to get out of my comfort zone a little but it was so much fun. In DTM we talked about the Holy Ghost and how we can have it more in our lives as missionaries. Our district leader told us we were going to implement it. So we said a prayer as a district and then he gave us 15 minutes to go out where ever we felt prompted to go and do missionary work. Me and my companion head down a street where we saw a lady sitting in the grass with her baby. We talked to her for awhile and she told us she has a friend on Facebook she wants us to start teaching and also her next door neighbor might be less active or a non-member because she has never seen her at church. We then crossed the street and talked to some "Google Fiber" guys. One grew up in Utah and doesn't go to church because he doesn't have a testimony for himself and the other guy was from Georgia and is baptist and he said that he has some questions he would love to ask us sometime. So we gave him our Mormon.org card and Sister Lani shared a scripture with them about Christ. Afterwards we all came back together as a district and shared the wonderful experience we just had. Then us and the other sisters went to Joe's, it is a hamburger place that feeds us for free. It was super yummy and probably not healthy at all. It's a good thing I walk all day. Then after that we went and did our weekly planning and then we were able to teach C***. We taught how our bodies are temples, so we combined the law of chastity with the word of wisdom. It was a quick lesson like usual with her. There was a crazy wind storm that night and it was BYU graduation so our dinner brought us Chick-fil-A. I have never eaten there before, and it was pretty good. We also decided to go meet our neighbors next door who just moved in because they just got married. We also were able to ask them for their wifi password so that we can do all our planning and stuff at home. It will be a lot easier than going to a chapel every day.

Saturday was so crazy. We almost got rained out. We walked through lakes of water to get to appointments and luckily we were able to get a ride to the farthest appointment. We started our day early since we were both healthy and ready to go work hard. We had a referral that we hadn't contacted since February because we were only given her name and what apartment complex she lived in. So since we had learned all about faith and the Holy Ghost on Friday I decided we would go and see if we can find her. I told my companion once we got to the complex that we should pray that we will be able to find her. As soon as we said amen the door on the second floor opened and we talked to the people and they showed us where the referral lived! It was such an amazing testimony to me that God answers prayers. Sometimes faster than we expect. We then went and ate lunch and headed back out. In the morning it was only sprinkling and by the afternoon it was down pouring. I have never seen so much rain, nor have I ever had to walk in that much rain. When my pictures send I will show you what I mean. We did a lot more contacting referrals that afternoon and it was probably the most success I have ever had with contacting referrals given to us. There was a less-active couple that referred themselves online through Mormon.org. They are wanting to get more active so they can go to the temple. We then got a call from the AP's saying that they had a referral of a less-active family who also wanted to get more active so they could one day soon go to the temple. We then went and contacted this less-active guy whose daughter is not a member and she is 18. He said he really wants her to be baptized and so we are going to be teaching them and hopefully the dad will be the one to baptize his daughter. Then we went to dinner and ate with one of the Relief Society Presidents and she was able to give us about 5 names of less-actives we should go contact. After dinner we decided to take a short break from the freezing cold rain and we went to a chapel to do some follow up on Facebook. While we were there my companion and I were looking at a map on the wall and I didn't notice that my companion had leaned her chair forward and I had my hand on the top of my chair and when we were done looking at the map my companion leaned her chair back and my fingers got smashed hard. Almost like getting them smashed in a door. So we ran to a members house to see if she knew what to do. She taped them up and so they will be staying taped for a few more days because they hurt really bad if I try to use them. That night we had a some what less-active that wanted to feed us and so we went and ate a second dinner with her and her girls wanted to color and play a matching game. So we did that and then we taught them a few gospel principles and then headed home. We got a call from our district leader asking us if we were planning on going to Gloria's for free ice cream, and who can pass up free ice cream! NOT ME:)

Sunday morning we had to wake up super early because we were invited to a ward council at 7:00 and it takes almost 20 minutes just to walk there. That was super crazy! Then we went to the Pioneer 4th ward and we were able to teach Young Women's. The young women's had a visitor, it was a sister from the General YW board. We got to talk about missionary work. Big surprise, but it was cool because one of the girls there was not a member and there was one who was a convert. Sunday evening we didn't have a whole lot of success finding people at home. But I guess we have a busy week coming up so its all good.

There are miracles in our every day life. We need to look for them and thank our Heavenly Father for all that he does for us and all he has given us. So be sure to look out for yours this week.

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