Monday, April 7, 2014

Apr and downs

Well this week had a lot of ups and downs. We weren't able to work as hard as we normally do for a few reasons. We had a lot of different missionary things and meetings, like going to the temple, zone training meeting, general conference, and temple booth. Also this week my companion was sick for almost all week and so we spent a lot of time at home letting her rest.
*Tuesday was the day we took out temple trip and I probably say this every time but I LOVE THE TEMPLE! The spirit is always so strong and I feel so much at peace. After the temple we got to go work at the temple booth. There was quite a few people that came in and these two girls came in with their grandpa and they were asking where us missionaries are from I told them Richland WA and they said they were too, so I asked them what ward and they said the Candy Mountain ward! I asked their last name and found out that I know their family! It is such a small world. Also on Tuesday it decided to be every season possible, one minute it was cloudy and rainy, the next it was snowing, then hailing and then sunny. I am not quite sure how I feel about the instantly changing weather here. For dinner we ate with this family and there little boy has growing disorders so he is a lot older than he looks. As we were eating ice cream for desert he started freaking out because his ice cream was stuck to his spoon. It was the cutest thing, and his mom could not figure out why he was crying.
UP= temple. DOWN= cold weather.
*Wednesday was a pretty full day.
We were able to teach 4 lessons even with people canceling.  But everything worked out just great. Dinner couldn't feed us until 5:30 and so we were able to get in a lesson with our recent converts that just live down the street and then our next appointment after dinner wasn't until 6:30. After that we went contacting with Brother Whiting , a ward mission leader, and he was really wanting to meet one of the ladies we work with who has been hard to get a hold of and so we went over to her house and we knocked and she has a big window that we can see into her house and we watched her walk out the back door. So we ran around back and couldn't find her so we went and knocked again. This time we saw her husband go out the back door, so we went around back and finally found them and we were able to have a good conversation with her and we were able to get her excited for conference.
UP= teaching people. DOWN= people canceling.
*Thursday was full of many tender mercies. In the morning we had temple booth and then we decided to go out and eat for lunch. There is a cool sandwich place on center street that feeds missionaries for free. The food was delicious! On our way home we were walking down center street and I saw a dancing panda, so me and Sister Wang got pictures with him. He was handing out eggs with candy which made me happy, because I love sweets. When we got home my companion started feeling sick and so she slept almost all day because she has been sick for awhile and I just want her to get better so that we can work hard again. I went and woke her up for dinner and she said she didn't know if she could go. So I called dinner and they sounded so disappointed that we would need to cancel so I told my companion we should probably go. We were lucky enough and we were able to find a ride there. After dinner we had a lesson and we had gone planning on teaching the word of wisdom and after talking for awhile we figured she needed a message of hope. Then we got to go and help stuff Easter eggs for the stake activity coming up which was super fun. Then we had coordination meeting with one of the stakes. When we got dropped off at home that night I walked up to the door and saw a dollar sitting by our front door and when I picked it up my dad's business card was wrapped inside. This put me in shock and totally made my day!
UP= random dollar on my porch, seeing kungfu panda on the street, free sandwich.
DOWN= staying at home all afternoon.
*Friday morning we had zone training meeting, for the past few months I have struggled with wanting to go and hear from leaders that are my same age, but I decided I would go and try to focus more on the spirit than what they were saying. The first part was really good and then it got to policies and they announced a policy change for the temple. We are no longer allowed to go twice a month, we can only go once ever three months! It made me so sad because this is how I receive peace, guidance and relieve stress. So I only get to go one or two more times while I am on my mission. But luckily at home the temple is not to far. After zone training meeting we were on our way to lunch and I got a call saying my family had dropped something off for me. So we went and picked it up and then went to lunch. For lunch we went to brick oven pizza as a district and we were able to discuss the things we learned and talked about how excited we were for conference. After lunch we had a few minutes before we had to go to teach lessons and then after that it was a night full of lessons and finding and a wonderful dinner!
UP= Easter basket from family. DOWN= hearing about the new temple policy.
*Saturday and Sunday were very similar. For the morning session of General Conference we went to the stake center and for the afternoon we watched it with the Petersen's who are a recent convert family. They are so awesome!
UP= General conference with the Petersen's. Down= sitting on hard church pews for the morning sessions.

That is my week and I am excited for this week when we have less meetings and we can focus on investigators.

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