Thursday, May 8, 2014

May 5...enjoying the little things

I have been continuing to look for the miracles in my life everyday and it is making me so much more happy. Even on the days we don't teach anyone and we can't find anyone home I am still completely filled with the joy of knowing that God is in my everyday life. Last P-day was so much fun. We went to "Sacred Gifts" which is the art museum on BYU campus and right now it is an exhibit of all the famous paintings of Christ. We then joined up with our district and went and hiked the "Y". I seriously miss hiking Badger Mountain and all the hikes up in Canada.

Tuesday was so crazy busy. We started with the temple booth and had so much fun waving at lots of people driving by in cars. Then our adventure started. We had 7 scheduled appointments and most of them were in the evening so we had them almost every 30 minutes. Only two of the 7 appointments cancelled which made us happy. We got to teach the less-active couple that referred themselves on They are so awesome and fun to teach. The wife knows a lot and the husband is excited to learn more so they can someday soon go to the temple. We were teaching the restoration and it was probably one of the best first lessons I have had in a while. It was a missionary dream come true to be busy all day. I wish every day could be like that.

Wednesday was cold and windy. We got to work at the temple booth again and wave. After the temple booth we ran to the post-office and at night we had dinner with a family from Spokane and it was super entertaining. I love when we go to dinner with people and they are super talkative. As we were leaving their house I was walking down the steps to leave and their huge lab came and ran right in between my legs and almost made me fall over. It was so funny. Me and my companion had a good laugh after that one.  We then got to go to the family history center with the Peteresen's. It was so fun and exciting. A lot of it was trying to figure out where all the information went that they put in on Sunday but we eventually got it figured out. 

Thursday we got to make a trip to the dentist in the morning for Sister Lani's root canal. And so the rest of the day was spent letting her recover. We did still have a meeting we had to go to that night but she was feeling good enough to go. She recovered really fast. 

Friday was fun. We had ZTM in the morning and then I  decided to be charitable and buy the whole zone pizza. It was just 5 Buck pizza but it was still yummy. Then me and my companion did a lot of trying to contact with little success. But it's funny because I don't even get discouraged anymore when days like this happen because I know that at least I am trying. We then decided to do some street contacting down university ave and center st it was fun because I guess there was a bunch of different things going on and so there was people every where. We were able to hand out our phone number and we even got some free donuts. 

Saturday was so beautiful outside. We had a lesson set up at 10:30, they weren't home when we went over there and so we decided to go see our 94 year old that lives in the old folks home. She was still sleeping and so we went back a little later and she was still sleeping. We did some contacting and we were able to meet some people that we have been trying to get a hold of for a while. We went to lunch at Roco's and this guy tried paying for us and the lady behind the counter said that's nice of you but we feed them for free. I love Provo! Then we got to go to temple booth again. I love seeing that beautiful temple so often and I love that the progress on it is moving quickly. The rest of Saturday we spent trying to find people at home, and then we went to Gloria's with the district for icecream.

This week was so fun and I learned some really cool stuff from my studies. Alma 26 is amazing because it tells us that there is so much to find joy in. It also teaches us that we should never give up, the Lord is always on our side and is there to help us. In Ether 12 it teaches all about faith, hope and charity. Without those things we can not return to our Heavenly Father. 
I love the Book of Mormon!

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