Monday, November 25, 2013

Nov 25...Thankful

Well this week marks 8 months in the mission and as I think about it I thought to myself another 2 years would be awesome. I love my mission so much and I don't want to leave. And 2 years will seem like nothing if it continues to go this fast! But then I thought about my family and mom I would never do that to you, and I wouldn't want to do it to myself either because after about 2 1/2 years I think I would probably die of home sickness. So I will stick with 10 more months. So I am so excited for Thanksgiving this week, not just because we have 4 dinner appointments and we get to play football with another zone but because I get to be extra grateful for what I have, and even though this past week was really hard I am grateful that I have trials that help me grow and improve. And even though almost all weeks are filled with some sort of trial or another this one seemed to just really beat me up. I have learned a lot this week that is truly going to affect the rest of my life. Me and my companion got really frustrated with the mission leaders because they do everything so last minute like tell us important things and for some reason while I have been on my mission I have become a planner. Maybe my mom is coming out in me a little:) But we got a wake up call when we found out how crazy and horrible their week has been and it made me feel bad for ever being mad at them. I know they truly are trying.
The other struggle I had this week is how badly I want one of our investigators to get baptized and how badly she wants to but it just can't happen. At least not right now. She is a foreign exchange student and so in order for her to get baptized she has to have parent consent and they don't want to give it to her. But I love the technology we were blessed with in this mission because we are going to try and teach them on Facebook and show them why their daughter wants to get baptized so badly.
Also as I was struggling this week I had my prayers answered. I got two letters this week that made my week. I am so grateful for wonderful friends who know when and what to write me even if they are thousands of miles away. One gave me a rule a few weeks ago, he said, "Don't ever get discouraged because it is against the rules!" and this week in his letter he followed up like a good missionary should and was seeing if I was keeping the commitment. I am so glad he did because it was a good reminder.
So I thought since I am encouraging all of the people I teach to express their gratitude this week I should do the same so here is a list of 10 thinks I am very grateful for:
1. A wonderful mom and dad who brought me up in the gospel and raised me to be who I am today.
2. A great example as a sister who gets to share the mission experience with me.
3. To be serving here in Utah as a missionary for the Lord. And have wonderful members to feed me and help me with this great work.
4. To have moved 9 times growing up because now I am better at adjusting to change quickly and I am a lot more outgoing because of it.
5. Being a ballerina because it has helped keep my body in good shape and stay healthy.
6. My camera that is going to help me with my dream career of becoming a photographer and help me capture many wonderful memories to look back on.
7. 4 amazing siblings who are my best friends and are there for me when ever I need them for what ever I need and they love me no matter what!
8. Wonderful church leaders that have helped me in every step of the way of becoming the missionary I am today. Whether it is primary teachers, young women's leaders, seminary teachers, all the wonderful bishops I have had and the mission leaders I have today!
9. Great tools my Heavenly Father has given me to help me return to him. For example the Book of Mormon, the Bible, mormon messages, church magazines, and others.
10. The knowledge that I am a daughter of Heavenly Father who knows me personally and sent his Son Jesus Christ to the earth to atone for my sins and feel all the sadness and trials I have gone through and to know that if I ever stand in need of anything I just have to pray to Him with a sincere heart and with real intent.
I guess I could say I am one blessed and lucky girl! I am truly blessed in so many ways and I know that serving my mission is only helping me more.
I hope you all have a wonderful day and I hope you feel blessed because Heavenly Father loves all his children and wants to bless us but we must give thanks.(D&C 78:19)
Love, Sister Harrison!

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