Monday, November 11, 2013

Nov say the cutest things

Well beside being freezing all week there really is no other signs of winter. No snow except high in the mountains. But it was an incredible week. I have a feeling that this transfer is going to be one of my best because me and my companion are ready to try our hardest to do the Lords work. We truly never give up. ITS SO FUN!
So I thought I would start off by telling you some little tender mercies. The past month I had some kids just say the cutest things.
1."Mom, I don't remember when Jesus put me on the earth"
2. I asked a little girl where she got her big brown eyes. " Heavenly Father gave them to me."
3. I was talking to a little boy about his last missionaries who were Elders and I asked if I was cooler than them. His response, "well they are cooler but you are the prettiest!"
These three things just run through my head any time I start to struggle or doubt. I am so grateful for the innocence of little kids.
It was an incredible week and every time we walked out of lessons my companion and I would just look at each other and talk about what an amazing lesson it was. I have realized the only lessons that are "amazing" is the ones where the spirit is testifying and teaching not us. We are just the instruments in God's hands.
We had a really cool experience with the Holy Ghost this week. We were a little early to an appointment and on our way there we saw this older couple out doing yard work and they looked so tired and ready to give up. Me and Sis. Funaki decided since we had a few minutes until our lesson we should go help them. They were the sweetest couple and so thankful for our help. I am glad we listened to that prompting that we got.
We had a wonderful Zone Training Meeting this week and talked a lot about why we are living the Gospel and the way that it helps us go. I am grateful Heavenly Father has given us this wonderful plan to help us while we are here on Earth out of His presence.
I am looking forward to the Holiday's (Thanksgiving and Christmas) and I am excited to see how we can help our investigators really feel the Love of their Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.
For dinner yesterday we ate at someone's house and she told me she grew up in Blackfoot. So small world moment she know Melissa Malm! Wow! Her name is Brandi Sorenson(Barnett) Craziness! I love serving in Utah!
I love you all Thanks for all the wonderful prayers and support.
                                           Sister Funaki and Sister Harrison and sunset!

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