Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Nov 18...so many meetings.

This week has been so crazy full of meetings. We had a 6 hour Zone Conference, an hour and a half District Training Meeting, 3, hour long coordination meetings, 4 hours of church and I think that's it. But hey it kept us busy and as a missionary that is the dream! But on top of all the meetings we had wonderful lessons. We started teaching a foreign exchange student from Germany who really loves how this gospel is centered around families. She has changed her school schedule so that she can take seminary and she loves going to church. We are going to try and get the missionaries over to her parents so that they can learn more about what their daughter is so interested in. I think it is going to be good.
We also still are teaching O*** which is the guy in his 80's and he loves the gospel. He actually was not feeling good one of the times we went this week and he was sleepy during the lesson. But then we started testifying to him and he was super awake. I am really excited to see him enter into the waters of baptism.
Zone Conference was so great! We learned so much from President McCune and I am super duper excited to start applying this to my missionary work and see how much it affects our area. I am trying really hard this transfer to help this area grow so that next transfer it can be split because covering 3 stakes is hard. I guess I shouldn't complain because at least it keeps us busy and we are getting taken care of really well.
I am loving the motivation my companion has and how well we work together. I can see the difference it makes in lessons and other things.
We had the opportunity to give a talk on Sunday about baptism and the crazy part is, we only had a little while to prepare. Bishop called us Saturday afternoon and asked us if we could speak the next day. We had a super crazy Saturday because we did a 2 hour service project cleaning someone's house who hadn't dusted in about 7 years. And then we were running crazy the rest of the day. So we spent our night that we are usually getting ready for bed and writing in our journals, writing our talks for the ward that started at 9:00. We got it accomplished and we did a great job. I am so surprised how easy talking is becoming.
Anyways I am out of time sadly but I am excited for this upcoming week. Love you all!

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