Monday, October 7, 2013

Sept 30...missionary work is now my lifestyle

So the main thing I learned this week is that Satan will never win the fight as long as we are staying faithful and doing what's right. There was so many times this week that the people we work with had trials come up in there life right when they were about to make a big change.
For example K*** is our investigator that got baptized this weekend and if any of you know what its like when some one is making that big of a step you will understand how hard Satan is going to put trials in their way. K**** is one of the strongest people I know. There was so many forces in the world telling her not to get baptized but she knew it was the right thing to do and to top off the forces pushing her away from this decision my district leader didn't show up for the interview after Krysta had walked about 5 miles to the chapel. I can not believe how understanding and sweet she was about it all.
There is also my wonderful and favorite person ever V****. She is doing so good at getting involved in the gospel again and she has so many things fighting her. Her ex-husband is filing for full custody of J**** who was just recently baptized. We also went over there this week to teach her son B*** and we found out that she has to get out of her house as soon as possible because there is mold in the walls and it is decaying. I have never heard someone be so grateful for the little amounts of things she has. I have never once heard her complain about the trials she is going through but instead she thanks Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ for the growth that it is going to give her.  
I think the best thing about being a missionary is the people I get to be surrounded by that help strengthen my testimony. I have really felt this week that Missionary work is now my lifestyle. It might be because I follow a very planned out schedule but I also feel like it is because I have truly gained a great love for this gospel that I don't want to do anything but share it! I hope all of you understand the important role we have as members of this great church. I have heard it said over and over again that we should be inviting people to come to this great gospel. Mom and Dad who do you have that is being taught in our home? If no one I hope you start praying for the opportunity to have some one over for the missionaries to teach.
Also I think especially this Sunday it made me feel like all I have time for is missionary work, which is great and how it should be. One of the Bishops told me that it is a day to rest from our labors but not His labors. I love it and it felt so true yesterday. We had to be at 2 different sacraments at 9:00. One for a confirmation and one for a talk that V*** was giving. So as soon as the confirmation was done we got in our car and jetted off to the next one. We also had another confirmation to go to at 11:30. Then a lesson at 1:00 and then a Sunday school class at 2:00 and then we had a 30 minute breather. The we had another Sunday school at 4:00 and then dinner at 5:00 and then appointment until 8:30. It felt like the craziest but best days ever. I loved being so busy!
I got an opportunity to watch the Relief Society Broadcast on Saturday and there was something that President Monson said that is really true in my life. He said "the need of your help is ongoing" he was talking about the relationship between parents and their children. I seriously hope you know mom and dad how much I have the need of your ongoing help. I know that you are crazy busy in getting ready for the wedding and running the boys around to activities and I am sure your church callings keep you busy. But I want you to know that I seriously would not be the missionary I am today if I didn't have your ongoing help. I know how much you pray for me and I can promise that your prayers are being answered. I constantly feel your love for me. Thank you for raising me in such a good home. I can not tell you in words what a HUGE blessing you are in my life and I need your help until the day I die!:) O boy how grateful I am for my family! Love you all and I hope this week is a great one for all of you. I wish I could be there for the wedding to see Summer as a beautiful Princess but I guess I am going to have to depend on pictures. I love you all and keep you in my prayers!

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