Monday, October 21, 2013

Oct in the Lord

This week has been full! I was thinking back on what I was going to write today and as I think of things I really can't believe they just happened this past week! Where do I start... 
Okay so we have been really struggling in our area because we can't find any one to teach. Then it occurred to me I am not a full time finder I am a full time teacher, the members are the finders. So we really tried hard this week to work with the leadership of our 22 wards and also the members. And our work paid off. We got a call about someone who wants to be baptized. He is about 80 years old. His wife who passed away about 5 years ago was a member and about 4 months ago he was brought to Utah to a retirement home and has been going to church every week since. He is super accepting of everything we have to say and he told us that he believes all of it he just wants to be able to know for sure for him self. We also are now working with a less-active family who has 2 kids that need to be baptized. I love working on reactivating people, because I know that some one in the past they have felt the spirit and I know that I just need to remind them. So I have such a strong testimony that as we find the Lord's Way to do His work everything comes together. 
So it was quite the week of service projects which always makes me happy. I love doing service (not only because I get to get out of my skirt). But we got to help someone clean out her garage. It was full of old broken furniture. I don't really know why people keep stuff like that but it must have meaning or something. We also got to help some clean their house because they are moving soon. I think service projects is one of the best ways to show people how much Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ care about each individual on earth. 
This weekend was so special. So Vanessa's family is just coming so far in the gospel and I am so proud of them. I help teach her daughter Jackie and watched her get baptized and I got to teach her son Benji and this weekend he was able to be baptized. I hope in 4 years when her twins turn 8 I will be invited back to witness that too. I have just fallen in love with this family and I have seen them come so far! 
Yesterday was such a busy Sunday. We were out of the house from 8:45 am- 8:30 pm. We got to speak in one of the wards and we also got to teach 2 hours of Primary. The kids were so excited to see missionaries. One of the little girls asked me "are you real missionaries?" I am so happy that I could say yes. I am a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I get to help people come closer to their Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I also love that I get to teach people about the Book of Mormon and all the answers it is just full of!! I am so grateful that because I am a member of this church my family can be together FOREVER and there is seriously nothing in this world that makes me happier! 
I am looking forward to this next week because a lot of wards have asked us to come help with their Halloween Parties! I hope that it is an opportunity to reach out to all the members and let them know how much I love missionary work and how badly I want to teach their friends about this great gospel!
Love you all and I hope you have a wonderful successful week!:) You are always in my prayers!
I  (Kaylynn's mom) also asked Kaylynn some questions which she answered briefly. Here is what she has to say about some of the details of her life
I am going to hike the Y and have a sisters activity, mini golfing
Cereal...Strawberry awake!

Good companion-
I am trying to help my companion come out of her shell more and I try to serve her daily. I do her dishes.

Gold Star-
Vanessa and her family

Favorite member family-
The Rojas's they are such a fun family and the craziness reminds me of home.

Preparing for winter-
Lets see I have already pulled out my winter coats and boots and I love wearing tights and boots

Candy- I really don't eat a whole lot of candy but chocolate symphony bars are my favorite

closest store-
Hobby Lobby and a whole strip mall of awesome stores. Old Navy, TJ Max, Ross and more.

Christmas list-
I haven't been thinking about what I need or what all I can think about is my investigators. 


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