Monday, October 21, 2013

Oct 14...few words

I don't really know how to explain or describe this week. We had a real struggle to find people to teach and it sometimes feels like the member also don't think there is work and anything we do to try to motivate them doesn't really do much. I had some spiritual highs and some lows. One of our former investigators came back to Utah, because he works on the Disney Cruise Ship and as we were teaching him this week he seems a lot more open to accepting the gospel! Hopefully the next time he comes back he will get baptized!! We had some good opportunities to try and contact some referrals we got.. none were home or they needed the Spanish Elders. So on Saturday night I was super overwhelmed with stress not knowing what to do. Luckily I have a wonderful district leader who was so kind to give me some ideas and tips about how to revive a dead area. On Sunday I gave my 7th talk!!! woot woot! And we also got to talk to the Elders Quorum and High Priests about missionary work. We are starting to really learn how to put our trust in the Lord. One of my favorite scriptures this week was 1 Nephi 3:7 because the Lord has commanded me to preach his gospel and I know he will prepare away for me to accomplish this great commandment. I love sharing the gospel with so many people and I love being able to serve in Utah where we are treated so well! I love being a missionary!
P.S. I feel so blessed to have had Kade in my life now for 13 years.... holy cow you are growing up little bud!! LOVE YOU!!

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