Monday, July 15, 2013

July companion got her visa.

The big event this week is that Sister Steig finally got her Visa to Brazil so she is heading down there today! So we got to drop her off at the MTC this morning. It was the weirdest feeling being back there. This week was a slower week but still pretty successful! We had some wonderful lessons with our investigators. Currently my favorite investigator is Jackie, she is 12 years old and her mom is less-active but ever since we have started teaching, the mom will come and share her testimony with her daughter and it is an incredible one! We did a chapel tour and talked a lot about the importance of church and the whole family came to church on Sunday!
 Also this week we had the opportunity to help teach a mission prep class. One of the people there just got back from his mission and I asked him where and he served in the Kennewick mission. He was spanish speaking so he didn't know any one I knew but he did hear all about the house that the elders that served in the Candy Mountain area live in. We got to teach the class about teaching our investigators to pray. It was a really cool lesson and turned out really well.
 On Saturday we had another baptism. We were a little scared it wasn't going to happen though because we got a call from the high counselor telling us that the font was broken, our back up font's chapel is currently under construction so we were in a bit of a panic. We then got a call from the 2nd counselor in the bishopric and he said that we could either move it back an hour and do it at the UVU institute building or his neighbor had a pool we could use. But everything worked out, and no we didn't have it in the pool, which I was a little bummed about.  It was seriously the most amazing baptism so far. The spirit was there so strong and she said she was only expecting about 16 people but I am pretty sure almost 40 showed up! Its amazing the support system this church brings with it. Also on Saturday we got to go to a wards BBQ and that was pretty fun. We got to meet tons of new people and we were able to meet some less-actives we could start working with. I think it is funny how a lot of less-actives are willing to attend the ward parties but won't attend church. But surprisingly some of the less-actives we talked to that night came to church the next day! I am loving all the opportunities I am getting to share my testimony! I am enjoying the beautiful weather and enjoying the awesome tan lines I am getting from my shoes. I hope all is going well and that everyone is trying their hardest to follow our perfect example, Jesus Christ! Love you all!

dropping sister Steig off at the MTC to head to Brazil

She is the official "backer upper" of the car

Attending the Mount Timpanogas temple

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