Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 1st..new companions

Well I can't say I have ever been happier. I was just transferred into an area that I love!!! My companions are Sister Harroff and Sister Steig. Sister Harroff is from Texas and actually got her mission call to the Philippines. She was there for about a month and then got re-assigned to the Provo mission for medical reasons. She has such a cool accent and a wonderful testimony. She has only been a member for about a year and a half. Sister Steig is from Oregon and got her mission call to Brazil and is currently waiting here for her Visa. She is a wonderful missionary and knows how to teach everyone! I hear a lot of Tagalog and Portuguese. Our district is actually pretty interesting. It is us 3 sisters and then a set of elders. So at our district training meetings we all have a part in the lesson. And I don't know what we are going to do when Sister Steig gets her Visa...which should be coming in the next week or two!
It has been so warm this week and I feel so blessed we have a car! It has been around 100 degrees everyday!

My new area is so much fun. I am serving in Orem, UT and we are covering 3 Stakes which covers 22 Wards. So there is a lot of work to be done. We have 4 investigators that are getting baptized in the next two weeks and another one who will be baptized this month. One of our investigators is a 12 year old girl and we committed her to reading the Book of Mormon. At our next appointment she had already read 8 Chapters and had written summaries on each chapter! I can't believe how devoted she is as a 12 year old. Her mom is less-active and so we are working on the whole family which has been a really cool experience. We also had a very interesting lesson earlier this week with a missionary from a different religion. She wanted to know more about what we believe and so we started teaching her the Restoration. Toward the end of the lesson we had kind of a heated discussion about Grace. She believes that by grace alone we can be saved, and she believes that God gave us commandment to not follow. It was really interesting and we are going back this week. In this area we have about 22 lessons a week, which has been my dream my whole mission! We seriously are running from one appointment to another! I will have quite a bit to talk about next week since we have the 4th of July parade this week that we get to march in and then 3 baptisms this weekend! I love you all and I know that the work is hastening on!:)


Sister Harrison

                                    Look who Kaylynn saw on transfer day. Go Candy Mountain ward!
                                                  new companions in Orem

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