Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 8...busy week!

We had a lot of days this week where we had our day planned out with appointments hour by hour! So we were busy and by the end of each day as my head hit the pillow I was out cold. I am so grateful for this area! We also were blessed with three amazing baptisms this weekend which kept us busy too! I am so grateful that I learned to play the piano because I had to play at all 3. I am glad that I can use my talents from before my mission to bless people on my mission. For two of the baptisms the water heater on the font was broken so they had a bit of a surprise when they got in the font.

 July 4th was so FUN! We headed to Provo around 7 in the morning and we got to be in the parade. It was over 3 miles long and there were so many people! When they announced us, they said that there is currently 217 missionaries in the Provo Utah mission and we come from 40 states and 26 countries! It was really a shock to me to hear that. When people would see us they would all stand up and cheer like crazy. I felt like a hero! So many kids ran up to us and wanted high fives. Luckily the weather worked out for us, it was overcast during the morning and then got very hot. Then when we got home I decided I would make some treats for the district activity we were having that night. I made Jackie Brownies and Caramel Popcorn... It was AMAZING!! For the district activity we combined with another district in our zone since ours only has 5 missionaries! And guess who is in my zone... Sister Balero! For the activity we played basketball, the President McCune gave the mission permission to watch How To Train Your Dragon! I guess we get to watch real movies on 4th of July, Halloween and New Years, so we aren't out getting in trouble.

 This week has seriously been amazing when in comes to lessons and watching people come closer to Christ. We have two more baptisms already scheduled this month and we just got a new investigator who I guess he has been going to church for the last few months and he says that this church just feels right. I am so excited to see how well he picks up on things and how quickly he progresses. I know that the Lord has prepared people's hearts and I can see the effects of it. This gospel is true and truly does make people happy! I am so happy to be a servant of the Lord at this time and I think that it is all flying by too quickly! But I am making the best of each day and hoping that each day I will have no regrets. I hope everyone is continuing to be member missionaries because this gospel need to be shared to everyone! LOVE YOU!

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  1. I love watching the missionaries in the parades in Utah! Always chokes me up. I wish I were there now that I actually know some of the missionaries in the parade! :) You are a hero, Kaylynn! All of you missionaries are! :D