Monday, August 18, 2014

Aug, temples and baptism

Monday was quite the wet adventure. We went up into Provo canyon for a
family home evening for a ward and we got down poured on, I don't know
if I have ever experience that much rain at once, but I am sure
Rexburg knows how we felt. All day it was super warm so we didn't even
think to bring a jacket or anything and it was cold. But the FHE went
super well. Then after a lesson and some contacting we were going back
out to our car and it was raining even harder. We probably ran 10 feet
or so and by the time we got to the car we were drenched! Since it was
the end of the night we decided to have fun in it for a few more
minutes and that ended quickly because of a huge flash of lightning.
It was such a great day!

Tuesday was mission leadership council so we had a big meeting with
President McCune for 7 hours! We learned about letting our faith lead
us in finding people to teach. After the meeting we met up with Sister
D and the rest of the night we spent teaching lessons in both areas. I
went to south Orem with Sister D and Sister Hedley stayed in north
Orem with a split. The time went by so fast.

Wednesday was a slower day. We waited for the zone leaders at the
chapel for 45 minutes. We were all supposed to get together so we
could plan for ZTM. The planning went well and we were all looking
forward to ZTM the next day. The rest of the day we did a lot of
contacting and we were able to teach one lesson that evening. We also
had our chapel tour and only one family came, but it was still good.
That night for dinner was super interesting. We got there and they
were only expecting two of us and so three was a bit of a surprise.
The dinner we had was super fancy. We had shrimp cocktails, baked
potatoes, salad, and steak. The funny part is that Sister Hedley gags
really bad when she eats shrimp but she didn't want to make the people
feel bad by not eating it so as they were looking away I would steal
some of her shrimp so they didn't see. Sister D also doesn't like
shrimp very much and so I took care of a few of hers as well. Since
that was just the appetizer I had already eaten 18 pieces of shrimp
before the full plate of dinner came out, and I was definitely already
full. The rest of night it felt like all that shrimp was swimming
around in my stomach. We laughed about it all week.

Thursday was so crazy! We had both our ZTM's and they were both very
different but they also went very well. I think I learn a lot from
being the one doing the training. The AP's came to our one later that
afternoon which made me super nervous because they know how the
training is supposed to go. But after wards they told us that it was
the best one they had been to all day. The elders in the zone did an
amazing musical number to invite the spirit and it did! That evening
we had a super crazy schedule we had to get Sister D down south and
the we had a chapel tour that no one came to and so after 15 minutes
of waiting we decided to leave and try and contact one of our 2 7:00
appointments. We were able to catch them at home right at 6:50, we
still had some craziness we had to do before we could head to the
other one. We had to pick up a split and also go and pick up Sister D.
Sister D and Hedley went and taught a less active that we just got
referred to us this week and I went contacting with the splits since
we already got her to come with us and we now only had one appointment
at 7:00. We were able to contact someone we have been trying to get
ahold of for 6 weeks or more. Then at 8:00 we got back together to go
to our stake coordination meeting.

Friday was so much fun! We headed off to south Orem to take Sister D
to her ZTM and then Sister Hedley and I ran to catch the front runner
up to Salt Lake. We were a little early so we decided to stop by one
of my favorite members houses. They were home and so I got to talk
with them for a little while. Then we headed off to the front runner.
It was along ride and we were nervous for the first part of it. Then
we got closer to Salt Lake and saw two temples at once while looking
out the window. We got to temple square and didn't know how to get
inside the temple for a sealing. As we were walking in to the
recommend area I totally remember that I didn't grab my recommend. So
I got to talk to a temple worker and he gave me clearance. We were in
such a rush because we thought we were late but we found out the
temple was about an hour behind because they had so many weddings
going on. We also found out that the sealing room we were in was used
one sealing before ours by someone who was sealed by Elder Holland.
But sadly we didn't get to see him. After the temple we were going to
go to the Cheese Cake Factory for lunch but we couldn't because we had
a lesson to run to so someone took us to the little cafe right off of
temple square. We had an adventure coming back on the front runner. We
had missed it by a few minutes so we had to wait 50 minutes for the
next one to come but we got to talk to quite a few people. Then when
we were in between American Fork and Orem the engine stopped working
and so we got stuck. It last for about 10 minutes or so before they
got the engine working again. Friday night we spent contacting and
teaching. For dinner that night our dinner got fancy and took us out
to Taco Time.

Saturday was a awesome day too! We had two baptisms. One for Sister D
and then the other was in our area. The one for Sister D was so cool.
The guy getting baptized had a brother in law and sister in law on a
mission. The sister in law did a lot of the teaching through skype and
she was able to skype in and give a talk on the baptism. And then the
brother in law recorded a video about the Holy Ghost and we watched
that for the talk on the Holy Ghost. It was such a wonderful baptism
and lots of tears were shed. The baptism for Bre in our area was super
awesome too. She had so many friends and family there. She was so
happy to be able to make this step toward following Christ. Afterwards
we went to south Orem and the senior couple down there wanted to talk
to Sister D about something that happened earlier this week and all I
can say is it was interesting. That evening we were able to get a new
investigator, and teach some good lessons.

Sunday was full of meetings. I think if I ever become an auxiliary
leader I will not complain about the hour or two of meetings. We had
coordination, a meeting with the stake president, we went to 3 ward
councils, we taught Sunday school and then went to a 3 hour block of
church for our two confirmations that took place. It was so cool
seeing two friends be confirmed the same day. The rest of the night we
taught lessons and did splits.

This week there was times I felt like a spiritual giant and other days
I felt like a tiny grain of sand. But I have to remind myself, without
trials we can't grow into who are Heavenly Father wants us to be.
Prayer, scripture study, church attendance, temple going, and so many
other things make trials look worth going through. I am loving every minute of my mission!

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