Monday, August 18, 2014

Aug 4...a trio and 2 areas

So just to explain my heading this week we combined areas due to a
sister going home early for school and not having anyone to replace
her. So I got my 16th companion! We combined with the Orem Sunpark
area... Yes my old area! So we now cover 5 stakes which is 41 wards.
We are running around like crazy trying to keep up with all our
investigators and meetings and mission life. The new area is 2 zones
south of where we are currently serving and so each day we are in the
car quite a bit. Luckily they are allowing us to have some extra

The blessing of all of this is that the day we got the call from
president was the day we did our final exchange for the transfer! So
we can now just focus on the 2 areas. Our new companion is Sister
Degraffenried. She is from Alaska, she has been out 11 months and she
is a great missionary, we have already learned a lot from her these
past few days. We all have the feeling that these next 2 weeks are
going to be the fastest, busiest, days of our lives. But it will be so
much fun!
Exchanges this week were fun. I was able to go with Sister Neaf for
the day and it was fun talking about wonderful people we both know
from back home. We did a total of 3 exchanges this week which made the
week fly!

We had a lot of miracles happen investigator wise...
One of our investigators told us about the sweet experience she had to
know when she needed to get baptized. We committed her to August 9th
but she wanted to pray about it. She had been praying about it for a
few weeks and this past week she finally got her confirmation that
August 9th was her day. She said she had a dream and in the dream she
felt like she was forgetting something super important and so she went
and looked at her calendar. The whole calendar was blank except for
August 9th. It was circled in red. She said when she woke up she went
and checked her calendar to see if it was a dream or not. There was
nothing on her calendar and so she knew the dream she just had was an
answer to her prayer. I am so grateful that our Heavenly Father
listens to us and answers our prayers. I know He cares about each and
everyone of his children, sometimes all we need to do is be the one to

We had been trying to contact this one couple for a really long time
and this week we finally did and they are interested in having the
lessons. The husband is a non member and the wife is less active, and
she just had a baby. Not only are they interested, they want to meet
with us basically every other day and the husband accepted to be
baptized in September! I think the Lord knew when the right time would
be. They have such a strong desire to know and they love the blessings
that come from living the gospel.

I know this email isn't too long but with the craziness that has been
happening I haven't had time to wrap my head around things. I am
looking forward to this week that is going to be even busier. We have
missionary leadership council, 2 zone training meetings, a sealing in
Salt Lake and two baptisms. So I have a feeling that it going to zoom
I love you all I am glad you are having such a fun summer and I hope
you are looking forward to October as much as I am!

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