Monday, May 12, 2014

May week

Tuesday we did exchanges with the sister training leaders.  It was so cool how busy we stayed that day. We were able to contact a lot of people and teach a lot of lessons. We also were able to have fellowshippers at every single lesson. I usually really don't like going on exchanges with the sister training leaders but this week it was really fun. We also got to teach a lesson to an active family and it was so amazing how strong the spirit was as we were teaching them. They're really excited to reach out to their friends, family and neighbors and teach them more about the gospel. Our dinner appointment was really interesting, the couple had signed up to feed the missionaries three times and we were the first ones to finally show up. Even though me and Sister Hedley had only been companions for the day we taught really well together.
Wednesday morning we had DTM. Me and Sister Lani got to do the training and teach about the importance of how to begin teaching and do a role play. We had each of the sets of elders teach a sister, it was really cool to see how well they did. In preach my gospel it has certain bullet points we're supposed to use as we teach the first time and each of the missionaries used quite a few. We also finally got to teach one of our investigators has been out of town for three months. She is from Mexico so she doesn't know a lot of English so we are trying to hand her off to the Spanish elders. She is convinced that she knows English really well but she always gives us a blank stare when we teach her about the gospel principles. We also got to teach one of our investigators about eternal families. She loves all the principles that we teach she just doesn't know if Joseph Smith is a prophet or not or if the Book of Mormon is true. She has tried so hard to find out, she prays daily and reads the Book of Mormon all the time, she also goes to church every Sunday. I really hope one day she'll be able to find her answer. This week's dinners were really interesting we were fed a lot of healthy food. Wednesday night we got salad. The weather here in Utah is so bipolar, one minute it is sunny and warm and the next it is windy, cold and rainy. Luckily one of the ladies that we taught that day gave us her umbrella to use in the rain. Because when we left home it was so sunny and warm so I didn't think we would be needing one, but I was wrong.
Thursday was fun. The weather was super bipolar again, and for some reason the work was a bit slower. We were able to teach one lesson to our recent convert and it was her last official lesson with us. We are going to keep stopping by just to make sure she is keeping on the straight and narrow. Both of our appointments that night cancelled and so we were left to contacting. We found a family that was playing football outside and we started talking to them. They told us they moved here from out east and they like it here because of the safety. We asked them if we could share a short message and they said not right now but we were welcome to come back sometime. So we will be following up with them some time this week. As we were walking around finding people, we were walking on the main road and all of a sudden I heard someone yell my first name. It confused me so bad, there was a car that had pulled over and was waving at me. I started walking towards them and they took off. I found out later that it was one of the high councilors from Spanish Fork. I don't know why in the world he called me by my first name. That night we had our regular missionary coordination meeting and only one ward mission leader showed up so it was a really short meeting.
Friday was our Zone Conference and I learned so much. I am seriously so grateful for President and Sister McCune. They have taught me so much and they are amazing! In the middle of the conference we did a split meeting, so the Elders went with Sister McCune and us sisters got to stay with President. He talked a lot about how even if you don't ever get into a leadership position on your mission it doesn't mean you are not a good missionary. I think sister missionaries are really bad when it comes to comparing ourselves to others. This lead in to what Sister McCune taught us all and that was the "4 deadly C's", compete, compare, complain, and critize. But I know all of us missionaries are really good at getting frustrated with our selves when we don't stay away from these things. At the end of Zone Conference we went and talked to President about our living situation and he had the housing couple come take a look. We just don't feel very safe in the area where we live. I am grateful to have an apartment but its been kind of creepy lately. They said we should be okay because if anything does happen the police department is close. But I really think it will be okay. 
Saturday we got to do a service project for a family that is moving. The mom is pregnant and the dad just had knee surgery and they are supposed to be moving by the end of this month. So we got to help do some cleaning and packing. We tackled the walls(scrubbed them with magic erasers) and the kitchen(moved the fridge and stove out and cleaned behind them.) When we got done Sister Lani got to Skype her family, because they are 18 hours ahead of us. It was so cool listening to her speak her language. Saturday night it decided to be winter again. It didn't snow but it was really cold and rainy. I just wish Utah would get the memo that it is supposed to be summer soon.
Sunday was by far the best day! It felt like church was never going to end. I loved the speakers and the lessons but I just couldn't wait to Skype my wonderful family. It was so good seeing everyone and I just can't believe how much everyone has grown. I thought going on a mission would be like going into the Narnia wardrobe where I would come home and nothing would have changed. I guess even though lots of things are changing I am still super happy to be serving. Getting told by Jace that he could drive me home from the airport and be dating... SCARY! And Kade having a beautiful smile and growing like crazy! It was also so good to see Summer, Bradley and Zoey. What a cute family! Also seeing the most supportive parents in the world was wonderful. I can't wait until I can give all of you the biggest hug in the world. 
I am going to keep working my hardest and learning and growing everyday. 
 Love you all!

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