Monday, May 26, 2014

may 19...eventful!

Tuesday was full of fun and miracles. We went to the mission office and got to say good bye to Sister Mabey, her and her husband are leaving at the end of this month, and the new mission secretary seems super awesome too. We had some really good lessons. First with Jessica, a less active, she told us she has been going to church and her husband got a calling. They also have been working really close with the bishop to try and go to the temple soon. Then we decided to go and contact a part member family, the mom has been gone for a while but is back and she is actually the one that requested that her and her non-member daughters have the missionaries over. We had been trying contact them for awhile, but on Tuesday we were finally able to, they invited us in and we were able to get to know them and have a lesson. I guess both the girls (who are 18 and 13) had been really close to getting baptized before. As soon as one of them told them missionaries she wasn't quite ready because she still had a lot of questions the missionaries stopped coming. They also have never had girl missionaries and they said that would love to take the lessons from us. After dinner we had a lesson with our 9 year old investigator who is getting baptized be next week and so we set up a baptism interview for Saturday. He is so excited and so ready. After his lesson we went to the stake relief society activity. It was an around the world theme about coming unto Christ no matter where you are from. One of the sisters from the general relief society board was there and she spoke to us, and told some really funny and amazing stories.

Wednesday was a great day. We were able to see our recent convert at the nursing home. She is so fun to go see because she has such a wonderful spirit. Then we went and saw Sonny and Avery. They are always so full of energy. After dinner we were trying to do some contacting in the North Park 3 ward but no one was home. I had a feeling that we needed to visit this one less active the ward mission leader had told me about a while ago. It was definitely a prompting from the holy ghost. She was home and when she opened the door she looked so stressed. We asked her if we could come in and she said she was busy cleaning the house because there was cat hair everywhere. We asked if we could help her. She got all teary eyed and asked if we would really do that for her. She thought we wouldn't talk to her or help her because she is less active and because of her appearance. We were able to go in and help clean for a little while and then we realized that her vacuum was broken and that is why her house has so much cat hair because the past times she has been vacuuming it hasn't been sucking anything up. We then shared a spiritual message with her. She really need us there and God made sure we were there. 

Thursday we had a guy stop us on the street and ask us about the LDS 12 step program. We also almost caused an accident when we were at the temple booth. We were out waving and we had a sign that says I love to see the temple. Some one was waving at us and they didn't notice that the traffic had stopped in front of them so they had to slam on their brakes to avoid anything bad happening. When we work at the temple booth we have a lot of the construction workers walk by and I just felt like we needed to do something for them. So we went to Smith's and bought 4 bags of skittles and 2 bags of pretzels. We then separated them into 90 little bags with a note attached saying how grateful we are that they are helping build up the kingdom of God. After a wonderful dinner with one of my favorite people here in Provo, we were able to teach some one new. His name is JD, he is about 30 and he is less active. The lesson was super awesome. We taught the restoration, which he knew pretty well and then when it got to the part about how he needs to find out for himself by reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it he got interested. I decided to share my story about how I came to know for myself and he asked me lots of questions about it. I can tell he really has the desire to know for himself. 

Friday was such a weird day. We had DTM and it was good. On our way to the temple booth we passed this group of homeless people and one of them asked us if we could come over and pray with the group. To be honest I was so scared to shut my eyes because I didn't know what was going to happen. But I said a prayer and asked Heavenly Father to bless them with the knowledge that they are his children, and that he loves them. As we were at the temple booth we got to hand out a lot of our little bags of goodies. It was so cool to see how happy they were to get some gratitude coming their way.  Also while we were working at the temple booth a guy walked past that was so drunk he couldn't even stand up. He fell over a few times. Me and Sister Lani had a weird feeling so we went inside the temple booth and locked it for a few minutes while he passed by. Towards the end of our turn at the temple booth all the construction workers were getting off work and so we were able to hand out a lot of our little baggies. After dinner we headed to do some contacting with one of the ward mission leaders and everyone we tried contacting wasn't home. So we were walking to the chapel to use the restroom and there was a big group of people across the street. They called us over and told us to join them. So we got to go to a big Poly BBQ. The food was so good! We talked to them a lot about missionary work and we even were able to share a spiritual thought and our phone number just in case they had friends that were ready to hear about the gospel. We had lots of good laughs and some small world moments, their was two of them that had just got home from their mission and they knew my friend from high school. 

Saturday was so hot! Sometimes it feels like we are melting but I much prefer this than the snow so I am not complaining. In the morning we were headed to the chapel for a baptism interview for our investigator and the mail man walked up with a big white envelope and handed it to me. It was what our mission calls "trunky papers". But it is a letter from President McCune that says we have four months left and he wants us to work harder than we have our whole mission. I am so excited to work even harder. The baptism interview went well. The Elder that interviewed him said he knows a lot for only being 9. We are all looking forward to Saturday when he is getting baptized. Then we had temple booth that afternoon and we were planning on going and handing out more of the little bags but then we realized that they don't work on Saturday's. But we had fun standing outside and doing lots of waving. I think my right muscle is getting so strong, actually probably not. After dinner we went to one of our less actives house and she thought she was feeding us and so we got to eat two dinners again, for the second night in a row. 

Sunday was great too. Every day is great when you are serving the Lord. We actually had quite the adventure in the morning. We were planning on going to the 11:00 ward with some of our investigators and I was pretty sure it was at the stake center which is the farthest church from our home. So we left our house quite early so we could be there on time. When we got there we saw the Elder's bikes and so we went in and I guess their Spanish ward meets at 11:00 at the stake center. It was already 10:50 so we borrowed the Elder's bikes in order to get to the right church building by 11:00. After church we went to our investigator's house since they didn't show up to church. They weren't home. So we went and ate lunch and did some other contacting. Then we had a coordination meeting at 4 and then dinner. The people we ate dinner with were so awesome. They had just been reactivated by some elders a little while ago and so the wife had just gone through the temple and they are going to the temple next month to get sealed. After dinner a ward invited us to their "walk and talk",  which is just a bunch of neighbors getting together and talking but there are lots of non-members and less-actives that come. Then we had a lesson at 7 and our less active that we were teaching had some super awesome news for us. He just got re-fellowshipped into the church and was able to take the sacrament for the first time in 20 years! He is doing so great! After the appointment we met up with Vanessa at a church to talk for a little while because her friend died in a car accident that morning and she was really struggling. It was my first time seeing her in about 7 months which was way to long. But she is doing awesome! She is a supervisor at her job and her kids are growing up like crazy! 

I am so grateful for the Lord and allowing me to see so many blessings every day. Transfers are next week and I don't know what is going to happen, but I know the Lord will put me where ever I am needed!:)

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