Saturday, March 15, 2014

Mar 10...bound to happen

Monday night and Tuesday were so hard because I had to say goodbye to some really amazing people. Well I guess it is just see you later because I am only in Utah and visiting will be so easy after the mission.
So after serving for almost one year with always having a car, I was finally put into a walking area this transfer. Have been transferred to central Provo with Sister Wang from mainland China. Her English is pretty amazing, she studied in Australia for 4 years before she came on her mission. She is the only member in her family and she joined while living in Australia. My district is all Spanish speaking missionaries except for me and Sister Wang. So have a feeling I will be learning some Chinese and some Spanish this transfer. I help Sister Wang with her language study and it is making me realize how much English I don't even know.

We had quite a crazy first two days. I was told not to unpack because we would be moving houses the next day, moving houses required us to pack up everything in the apartment. There had been missionaries living there for 2 and a half years so there was a lot of stuff! But mission accomplished and the new apartment we moved into is quite interesting. It smells moldy, the walls are bubbly and soft because they probably are moldy. So we are having someone come check it out to see if it is even safe to live here. But for now I am so grateful to have a roof over my head since it has been really rainy here.

Something fun about my area is that about twice a week we get to go to the information booth for the new Provo city center temple and help people learn about it. So it is almost like serving at a temple visitors center. Me and Sister Wang want to ask president if that can be our full time area. We will be the Provo City Center Temple Booth sisters:) Just kidding we like going out and teaching people too. The story of the tabernacle almost always brings me to tears because I know that each of us individually goes through something quite similar. We sometimes have to be tried so hard so that one day we can be perfected and live in Heavenly Father's presence.

So ever since I have gotten to Provo there has been some crazy small world experiences. For example, the first dinner I had in the area was with this young family and the husband is originally from Idaho Falls, so I told him how I lived there while dad was working at the INL, he asked what dad's name was and when I told him he said he has talked to him before. Then the second day I was here, we were teaching a family that had just gotten baptized and when I walked in the little boy said I looked really familiar. We finally figured out why. I was the one that taught one of their friends in Spanish Fork and when she got baptized they were at the baptism.

The majority of our wards are all young married couples with babies. The youth groups are so small which is so weird because I am so used to our huge youth group in the candy mountain ward. It makes the rule of not holding babies kind of hard because they are all over! 

We have done a lot of walking this week already! It is a good thing that I have lots of shoe options. I am excited to serve here and I have a feeling I will run into more people I know. 
love, Sister Harrison

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