Monday, February 17, 2014

Feb 17...Heavenly Father corrects us with love.

So this week was quite interesting. It was full of lots of different activities than usual. It started with exchanges with the sister training leaders. I got to go first. So I stayed in the area with one of the sisters and all the appointments we had were all in the evening so we got to do 4 hours of contacting in the afternoon with no success. As soon as evening came things went great. We had appointments set for every hour and some even every half hour. That night and the next morning were hard because the sister training leader was really critical and hard on me as a missionary. So I just have some advice for any of you who are or will be in leadership positions and I am going to even apply it myself, always give advice and correction with love. It is important that we correct things that could be better, even our Heavenly Father does that, but it must be done out of a love for them.
This week I was also stressed about different things that I didn't even know how to put it into words but it got to the point where I wasn't able to sleep or eat very well at all. So I got to talk to President McCune about how to let go of the stress and be able to get back to working hard. It was really good hearing the things he had to say. I also got some really good advice from Bro. Wetzel, who is one of our missionary high counselors.
Thursday I got out of doing exchanges again because the sister training leaders wanted to do 3 exchanges and since I already did mine I got to go with some other sisters in my district so that made it so we only had to do 2. So we are done with those now.
On Friday we were contacting a hindu family that we heard about. When we got to the house there was these 3 dogs that were really creepy. After we said our prayer and opened our eyes there was a dog at each of our windows. So we waited until they left and then after the lesson when we went back to the car and they started running at us. But we are safe... Thank goodness for a car!
Saturday we went to a baptism that the Elder's had and it was all in spanish. I don't know why we decided to go but it was really cool.
Sunday went by so fast because we stayed so busy. We had appointments and so many wonderful lessons. I am excited for what this week has in store. We have Zone Conference, District Meeting, district temple trip, and so many wonderful investigators. Love this work and I can't believe this week I will be hitting my 11 month mark! Almost a year has gone by! WOW!
Love you all!:)

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