Monday, February 17, 2014

Feb 10...WOW!

This week felt so long but so short. I can not believe it is already February 10th. This morning our mission did a mission wide deep clean for our apartments so that is why I am emailing late. I was in charge of bathroom and Sister Horne was in charge of the kitchen and Sister Jones was in charge of bedroom and living room. We had the sister training leaders come check it and me and Sister Horne's parts past very quickly. But the sister training leaders had to leave so that we could clean the other rooms better. So we finally got it really clean! And its GREAT!
Tuesday and Wednesday last week we did a lot of knocking doors. Also on Tuesday there was a big city event for a police man that was shot while on duty this past week and so we got to try to figure out how to get from the east side of Main Street to the west side. It took us about 40 minutes because they had almost all of Main Street blocked for the police parade of cars.
A miracle happened in one of our lessons this week. We are teaching a part member family and the mom who is a member hasn't prayed in a year and a half because she is angry that God let her dad die. But my companion felt prompted to ask her to say the closing prayer and she did! Wednesday night we went to our dinner appointment and they had just gotten home from sledding and had something cooking in the crock pot but it was no where near ready so we ordered in Cafe Rio.
Thursday was by far my most favorite day of all week because we were able to teach 7 lessons in one day! We also got two new investigators! Seriously so many miracles that day. We were able to accomplish all of this because since we are in a trio we found a member to go with Sister Jones to appointments and then me and Sister Horne went contacting.
Friday was a pretty great day too, we had an amazing zone training meeting and learned all about teaching with our heart, working hard, and loving the work we do. It's always a good reminder because things are not always easy. We also did some fun interactive role plays about talking to everyone.
Saturday was a long day, we only were able to find one person home all day. I don't know where everyone was but it made it hard to want to stay out. But I know we will be blessed because of our diligence and faith in this work.
We have decided as a companionship that we are going to dedicate one day a week to doing splits so we can get twice as much work. It seems like all of the people we teach want to meet in the evening and so to fit everyone it we are going to try this and see how much it will bless the area.
Sunday we had quite the miracle happen. We had some dead time so we decided to go and contact the families who have unbaptized children. We felt inspired to go visit this one family and they answered and quickly invited us in even though they were headed out the door. So we got to know them quickly and I asked if they had always been members and the 12 year old is not one yet so they said they would be interested in learning more so she can get baptized! Miracle after Miracle this week. Which helps on weeks that are so dead!
Well I am looking forward to a week of companion exchanges and hopefully busy schedules!:)

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