Monday, December 9, 2013

Dec 9...Normal is a washing machine setting...

So I have decided that normal is only a setting on a washer. I was thinking that this was going to be a "normal" transfer but as I was thinking I have had a very different transfer but it has made me grow. I have also decided this week that no one is too old to accept the gospel message and no one has learned everything there is to learn in this gospel.
We had the opportunity to witness one of the most amazing baptisms. Ozzy is an 86 year old who was more than ready to accept the gospel. He was so willing to let new concepts into his life. I think we all should be doing that everyday, because there is so much our Heavenly Father wants us to know.
This week was anything but "normal", we had very large goals set for this week and a lot of faith to achieve it. One event after another we didn't make our goals but we were able to feel like we are still successful missionaries. There is so much in Preach My Gospel about how a missionary's success is not measured by he number of baptism or lessons they get but if they are diligently working to bring others closer to Jesus Christ.
On Tuesday we woke up to quite a bit of snow. About 4 inches or more. I am so glad that I know how to drive in snow. But adding snow to Utah drivers makes things on the road a little interesting. We constantly kept safety in our prayers that day. Wednesday and Thursday was not to bad as far as snow goes but it was cold. It hit the single digits! Friday we had Zone Training Meeting. It was so GREAT! We were taught about the importance of Christ. We read The Living Christ and I have felt my testimony of my Savior grow so much this past 8 and a half months. My favorite hymns have become I Need Thee Every Hour and Nearer My God To Thee. Because there is absolutely not a second that I don't need Jesus Christ to show me His way. There is a way to do everything our Heavenly Father requires of us. Whether that is missionary work, fulfilling a ward calling, being a parent, or being an example to the people around us. There is a way and HE is the way. We also talked about the importance of teaching with the spirit. I can honestly say that we can tell when it is us trying to teach and when the spirit is teaching. After the meeting my companion went with the sister training leader for what I thought was going to be maybe an hour. After about 3 hours past I grew a bit worried and then 5 hours past and I called them to find out what was going on. I guess she was struggling with some personal concerns. I got to be with the Spanish sisters in my district for the day and we got to go teach in Spanish. Which I have yet to learn after all this time but I love that no matter what language the gospel is taught in the spirit is so strong.
Saturday was a wonderful day! We had a baptism of someone who wanted to be taught by the Elders. Followed by the baptism of Ozzy which was seriously one of the most amazing baptisms I have ever attended. He almost wouldn't go under but he did and then on Sunday we went to his confirmation and priesthood ordination. He got teary eyed and said that he would never forget us and the things that we did for him.
Also on Saturday my companion was craving Subway for lunch and Panda Express for dinner and since she has been struggling the past little while I decided to take her. And holy cow did the blessings come. We got paid for at both restaurants! I felt so blessed. We went knowing that we would be paying for our self and we left with a prayer in our heart for the wonderful people that paid for us. I also got to speak at the adult session of the Vineyard stake conference and it was so nerve racking. I have given over 8 talks on my mission but for some reason I still get super nervous! But it went well and I felt the spirit directing my talk.
On Sunday we got a referral for some one who has some what recently moved here from Nigeria! He was wanting to continue going to church since he grew up Catholic and he got curious why it was easiest to find only LDS churches here in Utah. So he decided to go with his friend to church one Sunday and now he wants to learn more about it. The Lord truly prepares his children.
Well, only 2 1/2 more weeks until Christmas and I am getting super excited! Today is also transfer calls and I honestly don't know what is going to happen. I really hope that me and Sister Funaki get to stay together, but I have been in Orem for 6 months now so there is a big chance I will be getting transferred. I will keep you updated! Love you!
Just got the Call I am being transferred. I don't know where until Wednesday because they are doing transfers a little different this time. So I will let you know next week. I took it pretty hard though I really wanted to stay. But I guess I get to pack my self back into suitcases and learn to adjust one more time. This will be my 10th companion.:)

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